Just a collection of various stories I began with no intention to finish, or answers to writing prompts. Enjoy! Please visit my author page on FB! Also note, some of these may be removed later if I feel the urge to expand on them!


47. Loric


          The sun was just setting over the high hills of Peltic Village making the golden wheat fields appear red. The sheep and goats were bleating as they rambled back to the barn, their bells jingling. Kelvin raised his staff toward the younger boy, signalling that his brother that the day was over. Loric smiled at his brother, racing to get the livestock back in their stalls.
          He heard the scream from what seemed like miles away.
          "Did you hear that?" he asked Kelvin as he closed the door of the barn.
          "Hear what?" Kelvin looked around, wondering what Loric was speaking of.
          "Are you sure? I swear I heard someone scream," the younger boy replied.
          The scream echoed across the fields again, this time sending shivers down Loric's spine.
          "There it is again," he said, furrowing his brow. Without so much as another word, he raced into the house and immerged with a small knife. He was followed by his father, who went about ranting and waving his fist.
          "Boy, what are ye doin' wavin' a dagger around?" he barked.
          Loric didn't answer, but dashed off in the direction of the scream. Even if no one was in trouble, it could be a banshee, and they didn't need another one of those around here. Kelvin rolled his eyes as their father continued shouting and waving his fist.
          "He'll be back, Dad," Kelvin reasoned. This seemed to calm the older man a little bit. He simply frowned and grumbled.
          The rustling grasses were the only sound that could be heard as young Loric sped through the fields. The scream sounded again, but this time much closer, and much more desperate. There was no mistaking it. Someone was in trouble.
          His determination was cut short when he found he was running on air.
          The fall was short, but sharp. He landed on the soft earth with a thump and cried out, more in surprise than pain. In front of him, rather than earth, a long tunnel yawned before him.
          "Help...!" the same voice cried.
          Without even thinking about his own safety, Loric dashed into the darkness, lead by a mysterious light that seemed to act as a beacon. It drew him closer and closer to the source of the scream, which kept crying out as if only to him. The light seemed to grow stronger as he drew closer.
          A glowing, seemingly made of violet light, was being held captive a large vine. Reacting quickly, Loric sliced through the plant and he could have swon he heard it cry out in pain. The glowing creature floated away as if to escape. Loric sighed, glad it wasn't a banshee and turned to leave, wondering how he would get out.
          However, one thought the fight should not be over.
          A vine slapped Loric in the back of the head, knocking him over. He stood up slowly and blinked, unsure of what had just happened. A loud roar came as his answer, and a great greet blob exploded from the wall, sending dirt everywhere. Loric gasped and slashed about, slicing vines as they came. THe thing roared in pain and withdrew, its limbs sufficiently damaged.
          "What was that all about?" Loric asked no one in particular.
          "That was a vine monster," a voice from nowhere stated. 
          "Who was that?" Loric asked, spinning around, his knife in hand. 
          The small purple creature floated into view, its light pulsating. "Thank you for saving me!" it exclaimed.
          "Who are you?" Loric asked, raising his eyebrows.
          "I am a crystal sprite," it replied. "And you are the chosen one!"
          Loric just stood there and blinked.

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