Just a collection of various stories I began with no intention to finish, or answers to writing prompts. Enjoy! Please visit my author page on FB! Also note, some of these may be removed later if I feel the urge to expand on them!


55. Little Chichkas


          "What does the sky look like?"
          Shira blinked her dark eyes and looked up at the roof. It was the same as always: stone and clouds, just like every day.

          "I heard that it's big and blue and purple and there's a big lantern in it call the sunt."

Shira looked over at Miikal, her eyes full of wonder. "I want to go see it someday," she cooed. "Do you think Baba will take us there?"

          The boy ran a tan hand through his dark hair, the charms on his bracelet jingling softly. The sound echoed against the cave walls, but it didn't startle the pair. They had heard it many times growing up. The sound of echoes were somewhat of a comfort for them.

          Another sound that echoed, but was much more pleasant, was a song that Baba always sang. The older man's voice now bounced off the stone walls, his deep base and mid tenor tones filling the cave with a joyous song.


Oh little bats the fly about,
and care for us so well,
please keep us safe from harmful things
so we may live to tell
of travels great so near and far,
of travels here and away
so we can return home quite soon
and then we all shall say
"The Cavern great, the Cavern old
our home shall always be
out place of rest and humble abode
a place my shoes I leave.


          "Baba!" Shira and Miikal called in stereo. The stood up, nimbly climbing over the rocks they had been sitting on as if they were part chimpanzee.

          "My children!" Baba called, extending his arms in greeting. Doing this caused him to drop his knapsack. The contents clanked, indicating it had been a mining trip this time. "How are my little chichkas?" he cooed, giving the twins each a hair ruffle.

          "I was very good!" Shira said proudly. "But Miikal was a bad boy!"

          "Is that right?" Baba asked, playing along.

          "She's a liar!" Miikal protested, pointing at his sister.

          Shira stuck out her tongue and raced away to avoid any punishment her twin brother could dish out.

          "Hey!" Miikal shouted, and chased after her.

          A woman emerged from the home alcove brandishing a massive smile.

          "Senwa-kai!" she exclaimed. She couldn't have been more than seventeen.

          "Please, Narice, you can call me Lokk," the man insisted, putting his bags on the stone table.

          "Oh, sorry. Lokk-kai, you're home!"

          Lokk-Baba chuckled. "Were they well behaved?" he asked.

          "Well, for the most part. Sometimes I had to tell them to get off the High Stone before they feel into the river," Narice explained.

          "Just like them," Lokk grinned. "So active. Did they sleep well?"

          "Oh yes, after they wore themselves out, they slept very soundly."

          "Well, thank you for looking after them," he said, digging into his pocket. He pulled out a oval-shaped coin. The girl's eyes grew huge in surprise.

          "No, no, Lokk-kai! I can't accpet something that valuable!" she insisted.

          "You have earned it, Narice," he replied, extending a hand to give her her payment with a broad grin. "You looked after my chichkas."

          "I cannot thank you enough, Lokk-kai! Thank you!" she said excitedly. She bowed low, and picked up her bag. "Thank you!" she said again, racing off to her own home alcove.

          The laughter of his children echoed around the cave walls. He watched as they climbed around on the rocks, giggling. He smiled. Someday he would take them to see the sky. Someday - he promised.

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