Just a collection of various stories I began with no intention to finish, or answers to writing prompts. Enjoy! Please visit my author page on FB! Also note, some of these may be removed later if I feel the urge to expand on them!


42. Diary of a Stray Cat


Day 1
          I don't usually like to write, but I found this old notebook today and a chewed up pen and figured maybe I should keep track of what's going on. Two days ago I got dropped off in a soggy cardboard box. The car just stopped, picked me out of the back seat, and left me here at the junkyard. I don't know what I did wrong. Just before that I was in a house with my humans and then they picked me up and put me in the box. I mean, was I making too many messes? Was I not covering my litter? They didn't even say goodbye. Why am I being punished like this?
          I wish they would come back. I hate sleeping in the big metal drum while the rain comes down through the roof. The neighborhood dogs aren't making it better. I don't even have any blankets. My humans used to give me blankets. Now I just have this box and the sound of the big trucks on the highway to keep my company.

Day 3
          Today I found a few mice for dinner. It's a lot better than usual. Normally I have to pick through scraps and broken glass to find something the humans threw out. I'm still very confused as to why I am here, but sometimes I see other humans picking through the trash. I go to say hello and they just yell and kick me. Where are my humans? When are they coming back?

Day 6
          Today it rained all night. I tried to stay warm under the cardboard awning of a giant Dyson box, but it got soaked through and started dripping on my fur. I crawled a little farther in, but was growled at by something I couldn't see. I tried to say hello to it. It growled at me again and then a really gross smell came out. I yelled in surprise and ran away, only to be soaked to the bone in the heavy rain. The smell stayed. 
          I found a plastic kids' play house and I thought that would be perfect, so I went to see. Turns out, some other cats had the same idea. I got growled and hissed at and when I tried to reason with them, one scratched my eye. It hurt so bad! I tried to escape, but another tackled me and I kicked him off. I ran and ran as fast as I could. There was an old tractor across the junkyard. I hid under it and found I was in a puddle. Dry top and wet bottom, or wet top and dry bottom? Life's persistent questions....

Day 7
          I woke this morning to a huge roar. The tractor was starting and I was right under it! Without thinking, I dashed out, rocketing toward the fence across the yard. I thought I was safe when a big huge and black dog barked at me and jumped up against the fence. My heart lept and I didn't know where else to run. There was a house across the yard behind the tractor. I took my chances and rocketed across the junkyard again to the open door. The open door I hoped would be my salvation.
          My salvation was apparently a small yappy dog with fluffy ears. I yowled at it and spat; it was a size that I could actually handle. It barked a few times and then ran inside whimpering. I heard a voice that sounded like a man - deep, but calm. The human came over to the door to see why the dig was upset and he gasped.
          "Martha! Look!" he said. I didn't know who Martha was, but he didn't seem angry so I laid down in a submissive position. I hoped the human would understand I meant no harm.
          "Oh my golly goodness!" Martha exclaimed. "What a poor kitty!" She extended her arm down to pet me and at first I was nervous. But she reminded me of what I had before I was dropped off. I licked her hand and she squealed in delight. "We have to keep him, Charles!" she insisted.
          "No, by my sneakers, Martha! We can't have another cat, especially not a black one!" the man said. "We have to take him to the shelter."
          "Oh, but you know that he won't last there!" Martha protested. I watched the pair, sitting up a little. The dog peered around the corner and I glared at it. It ran away with a yelp.
          "We can take it to Berea Animal Rescue Fund," the man suggested. "They are no-kill."
          "Oh that place is great," Martha nodded. "I'll call them tomorrow." She looked down at me. "For now, let's feed you!" she said.
          That night I enjoyed my first good meal in a week and a half. I had a nice warm bed and a dog to harass. This was pure heaven. I wish I could stay here forever.

Day 10
          I wanted to stay here forever, but I was plucked from my bed early the next morning. I was put in another box and put in another car. No! Not this again! Please! I'll be good!
          Nevertheless, the box was quite nicer than the soggy one I was in before, but it was still a box! Where am I going! Why am I leaving! No!
          We arrived at a parking lot a while later and the woman took me out. Her smile helped me relax a little, but I was still being left! Wasn't I?
          Inside there were cages with lots of cats. I didn't get to see any of them, but the lady inside seemed nice. Maybe this wouldn't be so bad. She took me out of the cage and talked to Martha and Charles a little. Then I was carried to another room with a smaller amount of cages. The lady put me in one. It was really nice! It had a blanket and a rug and a bowl of food and a litter box. Well, that's all I needed! I was staying!
          I rolled over and meowed at her and the lady started talking all sweet and rubbed my belly. I purred and she gave me a jingly toy. Then she closed the cage and I settled down to nap.

Day 17
          I got moved to the bigger room today. There are a lot more cats and I see a lot more people. Some are scary, so I his at them. But most are very nice and let me out of the cage a lot so I can play with the fuzzy balls and ribbon toys.
          The humans say that I am cute and that I will be adopted very soon! I am really excited! I get to go home with another family and live like I want!

Day 18
          Some people came in today to say hi to me. I meowed and acted really cute and they made sweet noises at me and rubbed my belly. I hope they will come back and adopt me!

Day 20
          More people came in today and rubbed my belly. I was happy until they said they didn't like my fur. What was wrong with it? Was it too dirty? I heard one woman say that black cats are bad luck. I felt crestfallen. I just wanted a home....

Day 25
          More people came in and pet me. I was happy for a while, but they said they didn't like my fur color also. My neighbor got adopted. His name was Pudgey. He was cute and small like me, but he was gray and white. What's wrong with black? Why won't someone take me home?
Day 35
          More and more cats are being adopted, but I'm still not. I like it here, but I want a human again. I want to be with humans so I can purr and play and nap and climb like I used to. I want to lick their faces and hands and chew their hair and sleep on their heads. I want to have a home. Why won't someone take me home? Everyone else gets to go home, but they won't take me because I have black fur. What's wrong with black fur?

Day 47
          Some people came in today. I didn't even look up. One was a little girl with blonde hair. She looked at all the cats and shook her head at each one. She came by my cage and I almost didn't even bother. I decided that it couldn't hurt and I put a paw between the bars and meowed softly.
          Her face lit up like a light bulb. I shrunk back in shock.
          "Mommy! This one!" she exclaimed, pointing at me. At me! She was pointing at me!!!!
          "Oh honey, that one is black," the woman protested.
          "I don't care! It's like that one in the movie that was really nice helped those kids!" the girl replied. "I want it! Can we please?"
          "Alright, fine," the woman said with a smile.
          One of the humans that took care of me took me out of the cage and put me on the floor. I rubbed against the girl's leg in an effort to pursuade them more.
          "Oh my, he's so friendly!" the older woman exclaimed. "Yes! We will take him!"
          The volunteer asked the woman a few questions like if she had cats in the past and if they were spayed and neutered. She said yes and she had had cats before, so she knew how to care for them. She even talked about a vet (I hate vets!) that I could be taken to if I got sick. The volunteer nodded and smiled and soon we were back in a ca, the girl holding my cage.
          That night I got lots of hugs and kisses and a nice warm bed and some tasty food! I was so happy! There is even another cat here. She is very nice and we made friends really fast. We chase each other around and play with the jingly ball and nap in the sun, just what cats are supposed to do. I hope every cat at the shelter find a home like this someday, because they certainly deserve it!

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