Just a collection of various stories I began with no intention to finish, or answers to writing prompts. Enjoy! Please visit my author page on FB! Also note, some of these may be removed later if I feel the urge to expand on them!


52. Deep in the Woods


         Deep in the woods there is a beast.
         But a kind beast.
         A tall and strange beast of unknown origin living in the solitude of the forest for many years.
         They say the beast is hundreds of years old. But that can’t possibly be true.
         They say the beast is thousands of years old. But that can’t possibly be true either.
         Could it?
         They say it is the last of it’s kind.
         They say its kind died before the world began.
         But how is that possible?
         One day a girl wandered into the forest. She was lost for many hours. Her family looked everywhere but could not find her. They began to worry. They said the beast in the forest would get her.
         They came, loaded with fire and guns. They shouted and called in the forest, their voices echoing through the pines. Night came and they still had not found the girl.
The mother began to cry.
         “She is dead,” the woman cried. “I will never find my little girl.”
But as this outcry reached the ears of the beast, it emerged from the forest, carrying the sleeping girl in its arms.
         The beast set her down as if she we a fragile heirloom - a vase that could easily be broken. She hugged the beast’s legs and said goodbye. The beast waved to her, despite the guns and fire pointed at it and disappeared back into the forest.
         “Are you okay?” they asked the girl.
         “I am fine. The tall man saved me!” she exclaimed. She pointed to the beast, but it had already disappeared back into the trees.
Many years went by, and the people forgot about the beast. The stories faded into myths and the world grew and grew. People expanded and built fortresses instead of huts, made war and peace, and learned new things.
         But, the beast remained. It never left the forest, nor did it ever change it’s shape, or even come out. Many people began to even believe its very existence.
However, the girl that had been rescued never did. She passed the story down to her children, and her children’s children, and they passed it to their children. The story never faded from her family, and the family held it like a gem in their memory. It was told nearly every night to the children of the family and they made games and pictures from it.
         But the beast never changed. It remained, ever watchful over the people of the land.
         Perhaps it would have stayed just a story if the fateful day had never come.
The day was a bright one, and adventurous, as Elena had decided. She often spent days like this at the edge of the woods with her brothers playing knights. But today she decided it was time to go into the woods.
         She had always loved the stories her mother told her about her great great great great - well, it was many greats - grandmother had passed down. She wanted to meet the beast to see if it was real. Her mother told her it was just a story, but there was always truth behind some stories, right?
         She was about to find out.

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