Just a collection of various stories I began with no intention to finish, or answers to writing prompts. Enjoy! Please visit my author page on FB! Also note, some of these may be removed later if I feel the urge to expand on them!


10. Being a Freshman is Hard Enough

          Being a freshman is hard enough.
         "We have to what?"
         "That's right, you have to learn all the professor's names before Friday and be able to recognize them on sight."
         "But there's almost forty!"
         "Frosh week rules. I don't make 'em, I just enforce 'em, Frosh."
         Wilbur rubbed the back of his neck, frowning.
         Being a freshman was hard enough.
         "Want me to call your ma and pa?" the other boy said with a patronizing grin.
         "No, I'm ok."
         Without another word, Wilbur trudged back to his dorm room. This wasn't going to be an easy week. His trunk was still wide open, his bed sheets and clothing mixed about inside. He glanced at the mess, not really giving it much thought.
         "How's the unpacking going?"
         Wilbur looked up to meet the face of his RA, Rich. He gave the man a fake smile.
         "Okay, I guess."
         "Don't worry. Frosh week only lasts five days. It's pretty much just a week for the upper class men to haze the newcomers. It never gets too bad."
         Being a freshman was hard enough.
         "You know, me and the other guys are going to throw a little bash later on in the lobby if you want to come," offered Rich.
         "Erm...sure," Wilbur replied. Rich was about to leave went the other boy stopped him. "Hey, you know when Michael is coming? I mean, he is my roommate after all..."
         "Not sure," Richard replied. "Thought he would be here already." He glanced around Wilbur's dorm room, taking in the scene.
         "Well, I'm going to get going.  Have to help the other frosh get their stuff."
         Wilbur smiled, feeling a little better and watched Rich stride down the hall.
         "Don't worry, Wilbur," he said to himself. "You'll be fine."
         As if on cue, a team of upper class men sauntered down the hall right to Wilbur's door.
         "Aaaay, frosh! Welcome to college! You are in for some fun this week!" the leader of the group laughed wickedly. "Look guys! Froshie here isn't even unpacked! Hey, want some help with that?"
         Without another word, he tromped into Wilbur's room, digging through his trunk.
         "Hey, that's..."
         "Look! He's got a teddy bear!" the boy picked out a bunny plush that Wilbur always brought on trips to keep him company. He began waving it around chanting "Froshie's got a teddy! Froshie's got a teddy!"
         "Come on, guys..."
         "Oh the frosh's got an attitude! Hey, Frosh, you want your teddy back?"
         "...yes please..."
         "How about...NOW!" the boy pulled a lighter out of his back pocket and lit it, hovering it just under the plush's long ears.
         "Come on..."
         "Aw, you aren't worth it." The boy frowned, and tossed the plush back into the trunk and tromped out.
         "See ya tomorrow, frosh!"
         As if being a freshman was hard enough...

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