Just a collection of various stories I began with no intention to finish, or answers to writing prompts. Enjoy! Please visit my author page on FB! Also note, some of these may be removed later if I feel the urge to expand on them!


41. Artie's Wall


          The car bounced around, throwing Artie's cage around the trunk. The latch clacked against the wire door as he sat in the far back corner of the cage, his hairs raised on end. His tail swished in annoyance as the world passed by swiftly outside the window.
          Artie sighed. Why was he even here? He was totally fine where he was at the Lady Mama's home. She was friendly and covered in wrinkles and he liked the other cats she had, too. She always was so nice when she would greet Artie with a smile and a coo.
          "Artie, dahling!" she would say. "What are you doing with my shoes?"
          He would look up from the high heel he was trying to stuff his face into and meow at her. She would feign surprise and pick him up to rub his head and he would purr happily. The other cats - Ginger and Frenchie - were just as friendly as Lady Mama. They would greet Artie with a friendly meow and they would play games with the jingly ball and nap in the sun.
          That was just hours ago. Now he was in a rusty cage, bouncing around the trunk of a station wagon and he didn't know why.
          The car stopped finally and Artie glanced out the window. The human driving was not the Lady Mama. She was younger and looked very serious. The trunk opened and the person took Artie's cage out. The air was chilly, but Artie's fur kept him warm. The trunk slammed closed and he was carted across the gravel parking lot to a white building. The door was just as squeaky.
          Artie looked around at the inside of the building. It was as white as the outside and another woman approached his carrier. He didn't understand what she said - he only knew a few human phrases from the Lady Mama - but she sounded excited. The humans shook hands and the one that brought him here left.
          So this human took him from his Lady Mama, drove him in a dusty trunk, and left him in a white room that smell like dog food.
          "Look it's another one," a voice from his right said. Artie looked toward the voice. An orange tabby looked up from across the room. He nodded toward Artie as a tortoise shell approched from behind.
          "What d'ya think, Charlie?" she asked. "How long ya think it'll take him to realize?"
          "Realize what?" Artie asked.
          They both chuckled and swished their tails.
          The cage made a clack sound as the human set it down on the linoleum floor. The cage door swung open easily and Artie stepped out, fluffing his cotton-white fur nervously.
          "Hey, look, Lois, he's got two different colored eyes," Charlie commented. Artie had always known this, but to many other cats it came as a surprise. He considered it to be something special. "Too bad he won't live very long to enjoy it."
          "Live very long?" Artie asked.
          "Yeah," Charlie replied. "You don't know where you are?"
          Artie blinked.
          "Don't you get it?" Lois asked. "This is a Feline Leukemia rest home."
          The words hit Artie like a brick wall. Feline Leukemia? They rang in his mind over and over. They sent chills down his spine and made his fur stand on end. He had heard about the disease, as the Lady Mama called it. He vaguely remembered her crying at the vets office, but he wasn't sure what was going on, but he didn't think he would be sent away for it. Was this punishment? Why didn't Ginger or Frenchie say anything?
          "He's got that look," Lois said to Charlie, a sideways smirk on her face.
          "Hey, the news just hit him," Charlie replied, frowning. "He'll accept it in time."

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