Just a collection of various stories I began with no intention to finish, or answers to writing prompts. Enjoy! Please visit my author page on FB! Also note, some of these may be removed later if I feel the urge to expand on them!


20. A Very Odd Young Man


          The landlord blinked at the young man before him. He was an odd fellow. His trousers were of a shorter length than usual, stopping just above his knees, where the remainder of his legs were covered in a pair of olive green leggings that stopped at his worn leather boots. They were worn, and untied, sitting like stumps on his oversized feet. His tunic was short sleeved and sat, relaxed on his shoulders, dyed with a green so dark that anyone viewing it would swear it was black. His hair sat on his head, short, brown, and cropped, looking like a pile of dried and dread grass. He blinked back at his landlord, a bit less tense than the him.
          "Well?" the older man said to his tenant, a hint of hope in his voice.
          "Her tail is dead," the oddly dressed young man replied.
          "How can you tell?" the other man's voice was dripping with skepticism.
          "She seems to have been kicked. My friend told me."
          As if in answer, an ashen-gray squirrel scampered across the wooden floor, interrupting the silence between the two men. The room itself was devoid of furniture, thus the small critter had nowhere to hide. Though something about this animal made anyone viewing realize it didn't actually care.
          It slowed to a stop in front of the oddly dressed young man and blinked at the landlord.
          "Her tail is indeed dead."
          Perplexed not only by the fact that a squirrel was talking, but the fact that at the information he feared was indeed true.
          "I told you," the oddly dressed young man added.
          The landlord stood in silence for a moment, until his composure returned to him in a flood.
          "And I'm supposed to believe the word of a squirrel?!" he blurted out.
          "Someone's in deniaaaallll~" the oddly dressed young man said in a sing-song voice and grinned, waggling his finger at the other man.
          "I am not! Her tail is fine!" the landlord said, clenching his fists. 
          The squirrel turned toward some unknown sound behind him, then fully adjusted so it could see what was coming. A large, yellow, and fuzzy dog walked casually trotted across the room, its claws clacking on the furnished wood.
          "Her tail is dead, sir." The voice was decidedly female. "I've checked her multiple times. If she doesn't get it removed, it could start to rot and contaminate the rest of her body."
          Nearly falling over at the second animal that had talked to him today, he grabbed for the door knob behind him. The oddly dressed young man saw what he was doing and took a non-threatening step forward, waving his hand in a needy fashion.
          "Please, sir, don't go. I'm sorry my friends have alarmed you."
          The landlord relaxed a bit. "Where is she?"
          "She's in the kitchen, eating."
          "Alright, let me see her."
          The two men and the two animals walked around the corner and stopped at the bare kitchen which was nothing more than a counter with an electric range, a sink, and an empty concave where an oven would fit. A white cat with splotches of tan sat on the floor, her face in a bowl of dry cat food.
          "She looks fine," the landlord said, trailing off at the sight of her tail that sat limply on the floor.
          "Are you kidding?!" The cat bellowed, her angry voice sounding much like a heavy-set black woman's. "My god damn tail's been numb for weeks!"
          All the color drained from his face.
          "Sir, are you alright?" the oddly dressed young man asked.
          "I'll…need some water…"
          The landlord hit the polished wood floor with a thud.

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