Just a collection of various stories I began with no intention to finish, or answers to writing prompts. Enjoy! Please visit my author page on FB! Also note, some of these may be removed later if I feel the urge to expand on them!


19. A new friend


                    The room was plain. There were no designs on the walls as I sat down and stared at the box. It was made of two pieces: a top an a bottom, though of equal size.
                    Sitting down on a small chair, I stared at the box. 
                    The door to the room was wide open, leading to a plain hallway. I wasn't sure why I was here, but I was here none-the-less.
                    The cardboard container beckoned me. I removed the lid slowly and gasped a little at the contents. There were black, scorpion-like creatures, and spiders of various kinds. I had no urge to scream, though. I wondered why.
                    Almost as if on cue, all the eyes on the box suddenly focused me. I dropped the box in surprise and was instantly stabbed in the leg by a falling scorpion worm. I swear I heard it laugh evilly.
                    A can appeared in my hand. On instinct, I dumped the contents on my leg in hopes to avoid more stings. A piled of earthworms fell out and landed on the scorpions, and were instantly devoured by the ravenous bugs.
                    I was starting to panic. My leg stung and was still being attacked by the scorpion-worms! I stood up and began to run from the room, though for some reason, not being able to scream.
                    I tripped, falling flat on my face. My leg throbbed and I slipped into a deep slumber.
                    I woke up who know how much later. I was still in the same hallway, though no longer in pain. I began to sit up, then felt an odd itching sensation in my bra. I figured maybe a big got stuck in there.
                    I peeked inside m shirt and found a large spider and settled itself between my boobs. It wasn't jet black like the others, but more of a gray with a cubical white pattern on its abdomen. I gently extracted it from my cleavage and placed it on my shirt.
                    I am here to protect you. The message came through in my mind, but for some reason it didn't seem abnormal. As long as I am here, the scorpions will not attack you.
                    I had an inclination to believe it.

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