Just a collection of various stories I began with no intention to finish, or answers to writing prompts. Enjoy! Please visit my author page on FB! Also note, some of these may be removed later if I feel the urge to expand on them!


48. A Mother's Intentions


          The woman drew the cloak around her face against the wind, hiding her features to any passerby. She traveled swiftly, avoiding eye contact with even those who's eyes rested on her longer than she wished. Her emerald eyes flashed as a hunted creature longing for the safety of its home. But she was unable to go home, for she was hunted.
          Just days ago she had been sleeping in her own bed, with her own family. Her children had just gone to bed, and her husband, the man she had loved since she was but sixteen, was asking if she was going to stay up all night worrying. Tomorrow was her eldest's entrance exam to the University, the country's most prestigious magical school.
          As a child, she had always wished she had enough magic to attempt for entry herself, but she was never good enough in her own right. She could only produce small splashes of magic, useful for basic everyday tasks. Which was fine in itself, but it never fulfilled her dreams of a better life. So this, this exam, was her one chance to make things better. If her children could be more magical than she....
          Her eldest had always loved magic. He had played with the dancing sparks since his birth. So encouraging her to study hard so she could get into the University was nothing at all. She knew everything there was to know about anything magical related: what pendants and amulets could be spelled to be used for protection, which charms and incantations were to be said at the right times. 
          But, Elena was worried that wouldn't be enough. Having picked up a few things in teaching her eldest, she decided that a little extra luck would be in order.
          She ignored her husbands question, and skimmed through the spell textbooks. A small smile crossed her lips as her index finger found a charm that could be placed on a coin for good luck. She scooped up the urn that contained all their spare changed and picked out the largest one. It was golden in color and had a crown on the front.
          This will be perfect, she thought, placing the book open on her lap. Whispering the small spell, the coin flashed red and grew hot. She yelped and dropped it on the floor, and it left a small burn mark on the old wooden planks below her feet. Oh, that should be nothing, she reasoned, ignoring the scorch. She placed the coin on the desk next to her and finally headed off to bed.
          The smell of burning awoke her. At first she simply lay in her bed, thinking it was still a dream, but something began to worry her as she became more aware of the smell in the darkness. Sitting up, she went to the kitchen, pumping the faucet for a glass of iron-tasting water. 
          Out of the corner of her eye, a small spark of something drew her attention. She turned and gasped at the sight of a small pyre-sprite.
          It said nothing to her, just giggled.
          Suddenly, the kitchen was ablaze. Elena raced about, trying to put out the flames. She burst into tears, screaming for her family to wake up, but none of them moved.
          This is what happens when you get in over your head, Elena, a voice in her head told her. But, it wasn't her own voice. It was darker, deeper. An invisible forced slammed her against the wall and she cried out in pain and shock. She called for her children, screaming for them to awaken, but to no avail. She watched in shock as her whole life burned down before her eyes.
          When the blaze was finished, she stood in the center of the ashes. Nothing was left. Everything she had ever worked for, and loved, was gone in a split second.
          Run, Elena. Run, the voice told her again. She knew she must, for there was nothing left for her. Nothing in the world. Her family was dead. She was alone.
          And, it was all her fault.

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