Just a collection of various stories I began with no intention to finish, or answers to writing prompts. Enjoy! Please visit my author page on FB! Also note, some of these may be removed later if I feel the urge to expand on them!


7. A Family Affair

         Dinner at our house was a family affair.
         With five siblings, it had to be.
         Dad always cooked the main dish, while mom threw together a salad or other form of vegetables. We always gathered on the other side of the counter stirring, beating, mashing, kneading, or mixing anything and everything that Dad or Mom handed to us.
         When there is nothing to do, we would amuse ourselves with games of tic tac toe or dots with the one sitting next to us. They were simple, but always kept us busy during the time where things cooked.
         Next, we would clear the table. This involved simply shoving everyhting that happened to be on the table over to the other end to make room for six plates. Mom and Dad always ate on the couch in the adjoining to sitting area. If the weather was nice we would set up a blanket and eat there. Except, on days when the baseball game was on.
         This became one of our favorite times of year. Every day in the summer when a game was on we would move the couch back, shove the coffee table to the side, and spread out the blanket on the family room floor. It was a fun time: Mom was particularly into the game as she belted out curses and screamed at the TV when something bad happened.
         Much was the same for the first ten years of our siblinghood. Mom got home around three, just in time to see us all of the bus. Dad got home at 4:45 on the dot, and our ritual began.
          Much was the same...until Ilanna was born.
         It was bad enough that she was the only girl in our miniature fraternity, but not only that, she didn't like doing anything. When we brought the field hockey equipment out, she would simply stick up her snooty little nose and march back inside. Mom tried to get her to join, but al she wanted to do was play with dolls and read books.
         This was all well and god for a few years. The dinner ritual continued until Ilanna was five.
         Then one day, Dad didn't come home.
         "What time is it, Gerald?"
         "4:45 on the dot."
         "Where's Dad?"
         "He's not home?"
         "Hey, guys! Dad's car isn't in the driveway."
         "Are you sure, Harry?"
         "Mom, you seen dad?"
         "He should be home by now, Harry honey."
         "He's not!"
         "Calm down, Fred, he's be home soon."
         Hours pass with no sign of Dad. We were becoming worried. Jimmy paced back and forth, his twelve-year-old brow characteristically furrowed. For one so young, he worried more than Mom.
         "I know where he is..."
         "Ilanna? You do?"
         All of the boys' eyes focused on one single point in the room: the girl. Her voice was a little odd as if she was not herself. She had a grin pasted on her features that would make your skin crawl.
         "Yes," she said, positivly evil.
         "Will you tell us?"
         "That's a dumb question," Richard sneered. He crossed his arms in annoyance. Mom didn't seem to notice any of this; she was lost in her book.
         "Rich, calm down," Jimmy said, exhaling slowly. He put an arm on his sister's shoulder. "Now, 'Lanna can you tell us where dad is?"
         The girl cackled. The hairs on the back of our necks stood on end.
         "He's in the Other Place."

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