Escape from Kraznir

Will you dare to find out the secret plans of Krill?
Do you want to know about a mind blowing adventure, Wait!
Oh no.
You already know about the plans.
You have to read this no matter what.
Just don’t tell anybody.


3. The river glin

I stare at the marbled sky, filled with glinting stars. “You awake?” Calypso asked in a hushed voice. I bolted up into a sitting position “What’s up?” I replied “Is there a Balrog, Dragon, or more Wargs?” I frantically felt around for my bow. “No, no” Calypso chuckled, her smile faded. “What’s in the river?” “Well I know there’s the lizard-backed beast.” I stated.

“What’s that?” Calypso murmured

“A mutant, it used to be human. It now has a deformed body and squinting red eyes...” I think I went too far; Calypso started shivering furiously. “Erm... well that’s only a legend.” I stuttered. Calypso went back to her spiteful personality; rolling her maroon eyes she turned over to face her firm bag with jagged rocks filled inside. . .

I didn’t sleep at all during the night. I just twiddled my thumbs and stared into the distant forest. I was the only one who saw it. The Beast...

I yelled. It didn’t turn away. It lingered in the darkness of the trees; keeping near the river as if it was safe for the creature. Its eyes locked with mine, they seemed human but it scowled and the human eyes were now a deadly red; the colour of blood. Athor woke and threw his knifes in every direction. I was too shocked to speak. “Now look who’s scared.” Calypso gloated courageously, the sun was rising and Touchfire was still exhausted from the day at Kraznir.

 I brushed my light brown hair out of my face a put it in a messy bun, I slung my quiver over my shoulder and tightened my belt full of throwing knifes. I ventured into the forest, bow in my firm grip; I was hunting for breakfast.

The trees were watching me; their faces blank. I stealthily strode through the forest, waiting for that pitter patter of gentle paws. Then the fluffy whiteness came to view. I carefully strung an arrow and let go; the thin wood gliding swiftly through the trees and directly into the animals’ eye. I heard the light footsteps of something else, not recognisable. I panicked; running straight for the dead animal I picked it up and bolted. I weaved through the trees, dodging the arms of them; eventually reaching camp. My leather jacket was coated in mud, making it look even messier. “Th-there’s some sort of creature, it’s f-f-following me!” Calypso slowly walked over; smirking. “

“Darling, I know you didn’t sleep, you’re probably hallucinating.” She triumphantly said. “Maybe I should lead the group across the river, oh and we’ve found some spare food in my pack!” I scowled and skinned the rabbit; Athor seemed very excited having his first meat in weeks. “Who loves meat?” I asked to Calypso; knowing that rabbit soup is her favourite savoury food.

“Me! Me!”Athor bounced up and down like an eager puppy. I chortled and placed the skinned rabbit onto the skewer to cook.

We devoured our breakfast and got ready for our journey across the river Glin, Touchfire polished his staff. Calypso placed more and more rocks into her bag. Athor sharpened his bloodthirsty axe and I, Mavis practiced with my throwing knives. (I may have a good aim with a bow ‘n’ arrow although I have trouble getting a good hit with my daggers.)

We were ready to cross the river. . .

I neglected Calypso’s suggestion and made sure we had everything. (Especially the trunk) We travelled softly through the undergrowth and saw the murky waters of the Glin. I thought it would be a clear, crystal river with colourful fish flowing through shallow water. It was the opposite; weeds sprouting in all directions, unknown creatures lurk through the hazy depths, an endless chasm summoning victims. “Touchfire, will you be able to form a bridge?” I enquired.

“I’m afraid I cannot conjure up any spells near water, sorry Mavis” Touchfire apologized. I was deep in thought until I remembered Calypso’s rope. “Hey, Calypso, can I borrow your rope?” She sighed “Erm... well I um. I don’t know” she stammered

“It is to save our lives” I nagged

“Mmm. Alright” She grumbled aggressively. I smirked, I love getting my own way. She passed me the rope and I fastened it in a secure knot around an arrow and fired it, it found itself lodged inside a tree. Calypso gasped “The tree is in pain, my ears can sense the whisper of ants and the shouts of germs, and this tree is hurt! Take the arrow out Mavis, please” Calypso begged

I felt a twinge of guilt, but carried on following my quick plan. I fixed the end of the rope around another tree and explained the plan. “Ok, listen. I’ve got a plan. One at a time we get on the rope and fasten our belts to it, and shimmy along until we get to the other side.” I explained clearly

I grabbed onto the rope and swung my feet up, ignoring the drop into certain death. Knowing my feet are twisted round the rope strongly I let go with my hands to tie the belt up. I was a bit giddy from dangling upside-down but I soon got my grip and pulled myself along, with every time I put my hand on the rope blisters were showing even more. Almost there! My hands were throbbing and coated in blood. I didn’t realise I was above ground until my head smashed against a tree. I fumbled around with my belt buckle and landed on the ground with a thud. My sight was blurred but I was still conscious; I decided to stand up and clean my hands with a dock leaf. I saw Touchfire clambering on top of the rope. Next Calypso came, by then my vision came to. Calypso was dawdling and this made Athor even more impatient; he ushered her along and finally Athor reached the end of the rope. That’s when he appeared.

It was covered in dried mud, his scrunched, glaring eyes were difficult to read. Its tail was swishing in every available direction, the pointed teeth grimaced and we heard a deep throaty snarl coming from its lizard lips. We couldn’t fight; with my hands wounded and Athor’s warg scratches none of us were in a good fighting position. We ran. It scrambled up the bank next to the river; I could hear its claws scraping against jagged rocks. It was gaining on us. Calypso yelped and tripped; being a gentleman Athor turned around, he tugged her back on her feet. Its forked tongue darted in and out of its lips. I could smell the dry blood previous sacrifices; as we got further into developed land I recognised the gates of Slinsil: My home.

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