Escape from Kraznir

Will you dare to find out the secret plans of Krill?
Do you want to know about a mind blowing adventure, Wait!
Oh no.
You already know about the plans.
You have to read this no matter what.
Just don’t tell anybody.


2. The fight

I open my eyes and hear Calypso lightly snoring. Looking around the tent I see no Touchfire, I amble out of the moth-eaten tent and see him, his beard billowing in the wind, his eyes sad, telling the stories of all the times he’s had to face, “ I was wondering when you’d notice” he said solemnly. “You know something.” I anxiously replied. I gaze at the glowing fire, dancing. “Krill knows we’re near.” He explained “We need to get ready for battle.”

I flinched, thinking about what we might have to face. My head was hammering and my heart was pounding. What is it?

The ground shifted. Athor woke with a start. He clambered out of the tent, daggers at the ready, “Arggh!” He yelled “I’m gonna grill ya’, kill ya’, eat ya’!”

I chuckled, “Another nightmare, Athor?”

“Mmm” he muttered

“There’s no time for jokes.” Touchfire impatiently told us.

At last Calypso scampered out of bed.

“S-something’s coming!” She shrieked.

The ground fluctuated again. I tumbled. I’m leant over the edge, looking down the sheer drop. Athor hauled me up and I once again, thanked him for saving my life.


There are leaves in my hair and it is static, my breeches are muddy and my jacket torn. I probably look a bit deranged. Calypso looked at me, “Since our leader is now on her way to an asylum and we’ve got a beast on out trail, shall I be the leader” I gave Calypso a dirty look, “Geez, you really have lost your mind.”

I ignore her and stormed off, forgetting what is about to attack me. When I say attack, I mean attack; I quickly picked up the sound of soft padding feet and shimmied round the edge, trying to get away from whatever is there. I soon saw a violently twitching snout appear from around the corner. I saw the shining eyes staring back. I hoped desperately that this beast was more intelligent than most. Those eyes showed more pure evil. “AWOOO”

 The fiend gave me up, I thought, just thought that I had a chance with that mutant of a wolf. The guards signalled to each other. I was trapped, I expected my life to flash before my eyes but all that I thought of was a plan. What have I done for my whole life in my spare time? Run! I ran as fast as I possible until I reached camp. Everyone had worried expressions on their faces.

“W-W-WARGS!” I shrieked. Calypso squealed and before I had the chance to look, I tugged an arrow from my quiver and shot a creature directly through its eye; the warg groaned and topple off the edge with the unscrupulous guard still strapped to its back. Touchfire covers two of the wargs in stone; Calypso smashes them. The last mutant howled and backed off, Athor roared. He sliced the head off the beast with his ready sharpened axe; kicking the body down the drop. Touchfire gasped, “What?” Athor asked.

“Just, so much gore” he stated.

“It’s my thing” Athor exclaimed, “We need to kill to live!”

We finished our journey on the mountains and found flat ground. . .


“Where is this place?” I enquired.

“The flowing river” Touchfire remarked.

“There’s no river!” Calypso rudely pointed out.

At that moment in time, a roaring of a river suddenly occurred “Ok, maybe there is.”

“Hey, let’s check out the plans in the chest” Athor suggested.

We gathered around the levitating chest and it creaked open. We didn’t dare to look at the plans; they were only for the eyes of King Treelore. Before we were tempted, we closed the chest.

“Erm... maybe we should put the tent up, it’s getting dark quickly” Touchfire said.

We set up camp and fell asleep, dreading how we would cross the river.





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