Escape from Kraznir

Will you dare to find out the secret plans of Krill?
Do you want to know about a mind blowing adventure, Wait!
Oh no.
You already know about the plans.
You have to read this no matter what.
Just don’t tell anybody.


4. Home sweet home

The creature hissed and scuttled back into its lair. I ran as fast as I could to get the gates of my paradise but I skidded to a halt. Athor carried on sprinting, his breath steaming in the cold air of mid-autumn “Wait, Athor!” Touchfire yelled. It was all too late. His clumsy legs tripped over the thin string and the net collapsed over him. Before I could break the net the bullets came, they zoomed through the trees, coming out of nowhere. Athor was covered in blood. “You are the followers of Krill, don’t take a step further or you’ll end up like your friend there.” The muffled voices of guards said. I stuck my head up and snorted. The guards came out, ready and aware. The one that seemed like the leader studied the floating trunk. “Disarm the bomb or whatever is in there!” He ordered

Before I could react I was knocked unconscious and dazed on the floor. It was like escaping Kraznir all over again...


I woke up, hands above my head, chained. My bow a quiver were now gone and I saw calypso still drowsy. I saw Athor. “Athor are you alright?” I asked, worried.

“Sweet heart, it’s only a small shot in me stomach” he said weakly. I sighed, nothing will be alright, I thought. The dungeon door creaked open and Treelore entered. “What are you playing at?” I surprised him. “Mavis, what are you doing here?” He asked, shocked.

“What do you mean?” I shouted “We were coming back with the trunk and then these guard people shot Athor and knocked us all out!”

Treelore was speechless. “New guards” he grumbled. “Please, forgive me...” he started

“Oh no, your guards are just going everywhere, killing everyone! Your guards killed the best knife thrower in the village.” I got all my anger out. Treelore looked down at his feet, my head was throbbing and soon I fell unconscious...

I woke up in my room, a blanket wrapped around me, my wrists sore. I saw Touchfire sitting on the end of my bed. “Athor!” I panicked, searching for my hunting jacket and shoes. Touchfire put his hand on my shoulder and beckoned me outside and next door. He knocked lightly on the door and we both entered the room. Athor saw me and smiled. “The bravest and best knife thrower in the village, huh?” he was shivering, his usual red cheeks were as white as a sheet, and his fiery red beard lost its spark. “Athor” I said quietly. His eyes were closing, a tear rolled down his cheek. Then he rose his wrinkled hand and put a perfect dagger in my grasp, “Thank you for saving me” he joked. Athor took a deep breath and sighed. He was gone.


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