Escape from Kraznir

Will you dare to find out the secret plans of Krill?
Do you want to know about a mind blowing adventure, Wait!
Oh no.
You already know about the plans.
You have to read this no matter what.
Just don’t tell anybody.


1. Escaping from Kraznir

I lay there, dazed. The faint snoring of repulsive guards woke me. A gaze around the muggy dungeon, bones dispersed everywhere. Wait! I hear thundering footsteps headed my way! Where's Touchfire when I need him? The ancient door burst open and I let my head fall, when my head hit the cobbled floor the pounding headache began. I vaguely remember the quick battle where we let our guard down whilst we entered the rusty gates of Kraznir castle.The guards pounced on us like a cat on a mouse.


My eyes squinted at the siloheute, skulking in the shadows,"well, well, well." The figure said anonymously. " Your King Treelore has really gone nuts hasn't he?." The voice carried on, taunting me.   " has he turned the palace into asylum? Because I cannot believe that he has chosen you; a young child as leader of the spies!" He strode from the shadow, it was cunning, king Krill" . . . I struggle in my chains, Krill just cackles.I give up, I can't be bothered. I've failed everyone, even my king. I'm just a 13 year old that can shoot, just like Calypso said.


Krill left the dungeon, slamming the crooked door behind him. I feel fed-up, I'm giving up hope when I see something move, " Hello?" I call pathetically.  "Yep, Hi kid" Athor ventured out of the darkness, even Calypso was glad to see me. Then Touchfire appeared, he smiled, his eyes twinkled, I recognise that face.My oldest friend has an idea!


Once I'm up and bandaged Toucfire talks us through his carefully planned route; through the castle.We start our journey here. . .


*                 *              *

Our first step is to get into the main corridor,but we are clueless of what waits between us and the corridor. Calypso tries the cobwebbed handle, obviously it does not budge ."Hurry up elf!" I whisper ferociously "Ok, let's see you open a locked door" she replies sarcastically . I burst out laughing and kick th door down, Calypso mutters in disgust. Before I can clumsily stumble into the light of the empty room Athor grabs my arm "All right right there girly?" he asks, "there's a guard right in front of us" . . .


The guard stood, frozen, shocked. He looked about my age,"you,you should'nt b-be here." He stuttered, I could'nt deal with it, but as I looked into those forest green eyes I saw two children, laughing, estatic;my brother. It was too late, Calypso charged at him with a spiked club, she took him out in one stroke.


"What are you dreaming 'bout?" Calypso wondered curiously

"my brother" I replied blankly "you just ki-" I did'nt get to finish my sentence because Touchfire done it for me.

" Killed her brother, Calypso I know you did'nt mean to but you just killed young Mavis' brother; Jimmy Oakfield"

"I-I'm so sorry Mavis, I did'nt mean to!" Calypso cried

"Don't worry, we all knew that going on this quest might cause some different emotions.Krill thought I might even kill him" I could'nt hold on anymore, I bursy into tears, they trickled down my freckly cheeks like rain on a window. T ouchfire gave me an awkward but comforting hug. "Don't worry sweetheart" Athor assured me that I could assasinate Krill myself and I laughed a little, knowing that Athor could bring violence into every subject.


I calmed down and we swiftly crept into the deserted corridor.We trekked along it, alerted by every sound. What's that? a familiar soun yanked me forward and into the massive store room opposite us, my locked on a cinnamon coated apple pie, like my mothers.

Before I could sink my teeth into the mouth watering pie Calypso stopped me. “Eyes are bigger than your belly!” She moaned. “We need to save food, not eat it!” Athor had already sank his teeth into a triple chocolate cake; I decided to blank out Calypso, I munched many pies, three to be precise, ok, maybe four. . . . . . alright, I ate five cinnamon coated apple pies. I’m full up and forcing myself just one more pie but Calypso snatched it out of my grip and gobbled it up for her. “You gluttonous, filthy goblin!” she screeched “We could’ve saved that food” Touchfire slowly calmed her down, reminding her that I haven’t eaten in weeks. “Who’s there?” a booming voice echoed through the store room. Athor quickly recovered from food heaven and prepared for a battle, hoping for challenge. We waited, heavy footsteps scraped along the floor coming our way. . .

The owner of the voice appeared around the corner, his piggy eye glaring at us, he was at least 5 times Athor’s size (5 metres). One of the fiends eye sockets were empty, just a scar and a hole; it was revolting. The guard was intimidating, but before long Athor charged like a bull, running straight into the creature. (axe first) The guard laughed, he didn’t realise there was a hand-made dwarf axe lodged in his stomach until he was on the floor, groaning in pain. “Well that’s a pity Touchfire, there’ll be a stain on my axe” Athor smugly stated. He looked around, confused. “Where’s Touchfire?” We searched the store room, the guard still writhing in pain. “I found him!” Calypso called “I think he’s dead!” Athor was next to reach Touchfire; he chucked some wine over his head and we heaved him up. Touchfire spluttered “I’m alright, just a small blackout.”

We filled our bags with food and travelled onwards getting ever closer to the trunk of plans. Touchfire informed us we may feel guilty killing the creatures in the next room. Entering the room, we all thought the same thing ‘What’s in here?’ We looked at the figures that lay on the floor, softly snoring. They were guard dogs. I shivered nervously, thinking about the last guards’ horrible scratch where his eye was meant to be. I led the group through the mountain of dogs; briskly hopping here and there. We eventually reached the oak door to the main dungeon; I gave a short sigh of relief although it took a small amount of time crossing the room it felt like many hours. We all took a deep anxious breath and slowly opened the door. Guard! I panicked, frantically tugging my bow off my shoulder. There isn’t enough time! I hit him and he falls. “Nice one sweetheart” Athor laughed proudly, “I taught you well”

“Ok, ok stop gloating Athor” Calypso murmured under her breath

“I heard that!” Athor pronounced a bit louder. Despite the fact that Calypso can see better in the dark, she saw the polished chest in the centre of the room very clearly indeed.  Touchfire summoned the trunk to keep pace with us (while floating). As usual, I clumsily do something wrong. This time I do something terribly wrong. Again, I lead the group through the dog-filled room but calmer this time. Yelp! I ‘clumsily’ trod on a dogs tail. All the dogs wake. It takes a moment to realise we’re dead. We run, as fast as our legs can carry us. Even though my breathing is getting heavy I still swiftly lead them through doors and round corners. The vicious barking of dogs fills our heads, to follow that a loud clatter of armour occurs behind us; this causes us to quicken our pace. We get to the final exit of the gargantuous castle and slip through the arched doors. We’re now safely out of Kraznir and beginning camp on the path on the mountain.

“Ok, we can camp here tonight and get going tomorrow morning.” I suggest breathlessly, we all agree and slowly let our dreams take over.



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