Escape from Kraznir

Will you dare to find out the secret plans of Krill?
Do you want to know about a mind blowing adventure, Wait!
Oh no.
You already know about the plans.
You have to read this no matter what.
Just don’t tell anybody.


5. Epilogue

I saw Calypso, her normal cheekiness faded; we now found some similarities between us even though she’s five years older than me. I’m now twenty; she has flowers in her hand. “Touchfire passed away earlier.” She forced a smile.

“On the same day as Athor” I stated. I was at Athor’s grave, I sniffed. Her elven ears bright red and her breath steaming in the mid-autumn air. “See you tomorrow.” I smiled. We both turned around and went to live our separate lives. We didn’t meet the next day; we met ten years later at the same time on the same day, and remembered our adventures, good and bad. We figured out the secret plans of Krill: Kill that girl... (There’s some reason I was chosen, do you want to know? Well I’ll tell you.)

I am the sister of Bilbo Baggins; he owns treasure, a lot. If I am killed my amount of the money goes to the person who killed me...

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