You never know what each day can bring, each word can do. The power of a syllable... This first hand fiction account expresses the emotions trapped inside a young girls body as her life falls to the bottomless pit of despair. Can she survive? Can she prevent her own suicide; or end up as the name on a stone board, engraved by the monster who forced her mentality to do such a thing?


1. Hidden.

Day's go by as the world grows faint, every person hurdles towards me as their movements echo through time leaving fading shadows in their path. Every breath is short and snappy, with my pulsed raised as a constant. It burns inside of me like a fire roaring and hiding my soul, my heart, me!
Why should I hide when I'm the one feeling alone, abandoned and unworthy. My solemn eyes gaze down; casting a glance at my withered brown locks to match my un-contempt eyes filled with sheer horror of the world I've seen and the actions I've received. My arm tender and my thighs sore.
All the CONVENIENT places people would never see unless directed to their location. I just want to be whisked away and ride off into the sunset with him.... But, I know that will never happen no matter the naivety of my conscience. No matter if he wasn't the way he is.
I just want to be free and no longer ... A dirty secret harboured by a monster with a black heart, a man i love. I don't care wether I'm a crack in a pavement or a skyscraper souring up high; as long as I'm with the MAN i love and no longer the beast within, the beast that is his heart!
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