Yoga-Part 4

cosmic presence and self realisation.


1. Yogam

Yogam-the state of self realisation, wherein,

five senses in ideal obedience to mind

mind in control of discrimination

and discrimination directed by the right knowledge,

all in a beautiful pattern reside in the inner being `I`.

Yogam-the self realisation happens by the grace and presence of eternnal, indefinable cosmic soul within the individual.

Salvation comes on its own.

Nothing is left in the individual other than pure conscious and energy

unmotivated.unconditioned, conscious neither applied nor qualified, nor force or energy directed,

as they come on their own, at every moment and at every instant.

Such is the state of salvation; Living in peace, with the power of light luminous inside,

This is the science of yoga to change us to our original state

The science of becoming not the science of learning.

And yoga is the art of living that makes us the real us.

A great saying;-yoga practised in this birth little though it may be is carried into the next birth

that inspires the individual to progress further towards the goal.

"From the nonbeing to TrueBeing

From the darkness to the Light

From death to Immortality


(SO BE IT)-(from upanishad) (source:Patanjali yoga sutras.)

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