I Should Have Kissed You

An chance encounter between old friends...or is it? For the 1D competition. Please read! xx


1. Surprises

So much can happen in just a few hours, and this Valentine's Day was just proof of that. All five members of One Direction woke up that cold February morning with a resigned and tired groan. None of them had any girlfriends to worry about buying presents for, or rather the consequences of not buying presents for, but that did nothing to lessen the heavy weight in their hearts.

After leaving Harry's house they made their way through the snowy London streets. Nothing in the  frozen city made them smile. The sight of couples walking hand in hand, the girls clutching beautiful, delicate roses in their mittened hands reminded them that they had all had a chance at that, but that they had let it slip through their fingers.

They soon found themselves in Queen's Park, leaning on the railings by the lake. None of them said anything as they stared either into the park or across the frozen water. As they stood there, the sound of giggles and laughter floated towards them like solitary beams of light that lit up their worlds for a beautiful moment before dying in the winter world.

The owners of the enchanting voices soon came around a bend in the path, growing louder as they saw the boys standing there. They froze and none of them moved until a cacophony of voices filled the air.

''Lydia...Chrissie...Jessie...Alice?!'' the boys exclaimed in varying tones of disbelief, amazement, and even from some, anger.Harry was scowling at a blonde dressed in a casual way, with sneakers and a hoodie even in the cold London air. Zayn was staring in shock at a beautiful redhead wrapped up in a large winter coat. Liam was smiling at another blonde, this one petite and fragile. Louis was glaring at  a dark-skinned stunning brunette with honey streaks in her hair. Niall and a girl whose hair was literally an explosion of bright colours were left looking on at the rest of them, utterly bewildered.

''Hi,'' Niall said, walking towards her. ''I'm Niall. do you have any idea what's going on?''

''Ashley,'' she answered shaking her colourful hair. ''and I'm just as confuzzled as you seem to be.'' The two of them walked away from the drama that promised and toward one of the nearby benches where they sat to watch from a safe distance. But once they were settled on the bench they turned away from the scene and began to chat. Before long, they were deep in conversation, and laughing merrily.

Whilst Niall and Ashley were talking, the rest of their friends had split off into pairs and were quietly talking amongst themselves. Harry and Lydia were obviously angry, their body language stiff and unnatural. Zayn and Chrissie were still staring at each other and occasionally hugging each other, as if they could scarcely believe their luck. Liam and Alice were hugging and laughing. Louis and Alice were both leaning on the railing looking at the water and not each other.

Pieces of conversation drifted towards Niall and Ashley...'How could you?'...'promises'...'amazing..see you'...'the X-Factor'. Suddenly, Liam and Alice broke away from the rest of them and walked towards the couple on the bench at the same time as Zayn and Chrissie turned away and did the same thing.

Liam introduced Alice to Niall as his best friend's little sister who he hadn't seen for years. Niall smiled to himself as he remembered Liam telling him about her and his love for her one night when he was a little tipsy. From the blush on Alice's cheeks and the giggles coming from her friend, it seemed as though Liam didn't have to worry about his feelings not being returned.

Zayn on the other hand told Niall that Chrissie was his best friend before the X-Factor, and he hadn't been in contact with her since bootcamp. It hadn't been intentional, but as Niall knew, all the boys of One Direction had been busy since the beginning. 

Liam and Alice and Zayn and Chrissie took off in opposite directions, towards the little cafes just outside the park. Niall could see Liam putting his arm around Alice as they walked away, and he held back a snort of laughter as he watched Zayn and Chrissie holding hands.

'Gosh that was fast, wasn't it?' said Ashley. 'Pity about the rest of them, Harry and Lydia look as though they'll kill each other soon.' Niall nodded and got up as he said that they should go see what the matter was. They made their way towards the pair, stopping when Harry turned to glare at them.

'Hey Niall,' he growled. 'I'd like you to meet Lydia Greene. She's a mean little witch, and never expect her to fulfil any promises she makes, because she will just forget she ever made them.' Lydia turned to Harry and hit him on the arm. 

'Ashley, have you met Harry Styles? He's the one I told you about, the one that abandoned me because he wanted to have fun without me.' Turning to Niall she added, ' He can't even use the excuse of the X-Factor because this was a whole YEAR before that.' By now tears were in her eyes and as she shouted the last word she turned and ran.

'Yeah, Harry? You might wanna go after her...You know try and fix things.'Niall prompted Harry, nudging his head towards the disappearing figure. Harry nodded once without saying anything and set off at a run calling her name.

'So far so good,' muttered Ashley. 'Shall we see what's going on with Alice and Louis.' Niall agreed and they walked toward the couple that still hadn't said a single word. At first Niall and Ashley din't say anything either, but then Ashley burst out.

'This silence is killing me! Why aren't you two talking?' she cried.

'There's nothing to talk about,' they both said at the same time. Then they both turned to each other, surprised. Niall asked why not, to which Louis said that they just didn't get on any more. Nothing more to it.

Ashley burst out laughing at that. 'Yeah, umm, you guys haven't seen each other in, like, years. You might wanna try and say that again to someone who'll actually believe you.' Then turning to Niall she added, 'Come on you big softie, you owe me lunch.'

As she and Niall left, she turned back and watched as Louis and Alice began to talk. She chuckled softly; she and Niall had done a great job.


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