The Exam Game

I've always hated creative writing, not for the board's tedious rules or their demanding time limits, but for the lack of interest in letting a writer being a writer and not just a word-producing machine. We don't create work for any purpose, we just craft it to fit a mark scheme. PS. Hope you like the poem!

This is a poem I was originally going to use for my year 11 controlled assessment, until we got told we had to write stories not poems. I'm a very amateur writer, so sorry any the problems!


1. The Poem

You enter your coin for a chance

To be tested and become that glorious player.

However, you won't be able to dodge the trivial traps,

Or jump through the hoops thrown at you,

Unless you follow the rules crafted for you.

When you fail to follow those rules- you'll be branded,

And pushed over, plummeting down into a scrap heap.


The invigilators guard the pathways,

Making sure that no one dare challenge the rules

That were once forged together, but are now

Left in broken shards.


You can't go saving the princess, and

You can't go on a grand adventure,

Because the game tries to combine creativity

With a set of rusty rules


Your trial is crushed to a couple of hours,

In which you must break your hands,

To meet your forced target. Oh,

The disappointment when you don't make it,

When you are forced to restart and insert another coin.


This game- now rusty,

Never lets the player be creative.

But very soon, I'll conquer

This very level, called "Creative Writing".

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