Don't Say A Word.

Isabelle York is an extraordinary girl, with a flaw that sets her apart.


5. Why Can't You Hear Me?

Halfway home, Rhys grabbed Isabelle's wrist and stopped her from continuing to storm off towards her house. At the same time, they both opened their mouths as if they were about to speak, but they caught themselves. Tears welled in the corners of Isabelle's eyes, and she looked away from Rhys, willing them not to show. She wished she could speak, that he could listen, and that they could converse in a way that wasn't body language. She hated that. 

He put his hand on her chin and turned her face towards him, staring into her eyes in a way that should have made her uncomfortable, but she didn't care. She felt lost in his steely blue eyes, and began to memorise every little detail as if she were never to see him again; the blue ring on the outside of his irises, the yellow fleck in his left eye, even the way his eyelashes fluttered when he blinked. His eyes moved down, looking at her mouth, and he licked his lips. That scared her. She stepped back, turned around and began walking home, unsure of if he was going to follow her or not. Luckily enough, she could hear his footsteps. 

She didn't turn back around until she reached her driveway. Rhys was stood at her gate, eyes searching hers sadly before looking down at the floor. Walking over to him, Isabelle tapped him to get his attention, and then grabbed him by the wrist. She led him to the door, but before knocking, she looked up and smiled at him. He took a moment, but he smiled right back, clasping his hand on hers. She felt the blood rush to her cheeks, but she didn't turn away. They were stood there, looking at each other, when Georgina came skulking down the road. Isabelle sensed movement, and when her eyes darted to Georgina's cute little smirk and the slight upwards nod that just screamed 'I know what's going on here.' 

They stepped apart to let Georgina through, who unlocked the door and walked in, dumping her bag and smiling 'I'll leave you two alone' before leaving. She took the stairs two at a time before turning left on the landing, disappearing behind a slamming door. 

Rhys looked at Isabelle quizzically, before she signed to him. 

That's my sister, Georgina. She said she'll leave us alone. Isabelle smiled, and looked down to the floor. She fumbled with her hands before she decided that she should probably drop her bag, and he did likewise. 

She seems nice. You don't look alike, he signed back as he followed her into the living room. Isabelle switched on the television, putting on the subtitles after realising that Rhys couldn't listen to it. 

No, some people think we're adopted, she wished she could laugh and that he could hear her laugh. 

They signed for an hour straight, talking about this or that before Isabelle thought she should give Rhys a tour of her house. She stood up and beckoned to him, and he followed obediently, not knowing where he was going. She showed him the kitchen, Georgina's bedroom, the bathroom, the study, and finally, her bedroom. He walked in after checking with Isabelle with his eyes, raising his eyebrows so that they arched subtly, making her smile and blush. It made his cheekbones much more prominent. She nodded, and he walked in, looking around at her wall, her books, her music. 

What is music like? I've never listened, obviously, he signed. 

It's like my sanctuary. I listen to it whatever my mood, and it makes me not feel so bad about not being able to talk anymore, Isabelle replied. 

I don't care that you can't talk. I'd like to be what music is to you, he stepped closer towards her, and this time she didn't make any attempt to get away. 

The tension between them was so thick that you could cut it with a knife if you tried hard enough. Rhys' hand caught her arm and held her there, but she wasn't going anywhere. They gravitated closer and closer. Hands clasped hands, and suddenly, mouths met mouths in a pit of lust and attraction between two people. Nothing simpler than that. It didn't matter that she couldn't talk, or that he couldn't hear her. They were together. They were there. That was all that mattered. 

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