Don't Say A Word.

Isabelle York is an extraordinary girl, with a flaw that sets her apart.


4. Listen to Me.

Isabelle hurried through the hallway to her second class, watching the floor as she ran. Ten steps down the corridor, then the second left. The one thing she didn't expect was to come into contact with a tall body as she turned a corner. This particular body was encased in a faded green shirt and blue jeans. The feet that were placed steadfastly on the floor were wearing battered black converse. It took her a moment to compose herself before she looked up and saw a familiar mop of mousy brown hair set above a mild pair of hazel eyes. The lopsided half smile was the same one she'd seen before and after her operation. 

Hello Isabelle, he signed, his smile widening. You're looking great.

Isabelle smiled and pushed a strand of hair behind her ear. She checked to see that her scarf was covering her scar, and hoisted her bag on her shoulder to free her hands. So are you, Rhys.

It looks like we'll be getting to know each other a bit more, Rhys' hands were moving fluidly. Then he widened his eyes after he saw Isabelle's confused expression, and corrected himself. I'm your new counsellor. Student to student. Is that okay with you?

Isabelle nodded. It's definitely okay.

They walked to English class together, and their teacher organised it for them to sit together so that Isabelle could translate to Rhys what was being said. They sat together in every lesson after that; Rhys was transferred into Isabelle's classes as the teachers were unable to direct him without learning sign language. Isabelle liked being with Rhys because he didn't care if she couldn't talk, and she didn't care if he couldn't hear her. The soared through their classes, helping each other silently and talking in their own way. No one could hear them. 

A few weeks after Rhys arrived at the school, Isabelle decided that she would invite him to her house to introduce the boy that helped her through her operation. They were leaving Math class when Isabelle felt a tug on her satchel, and it fell off of her right shoulder. She turned and saw Abigail smirking, with Anna behind her sneering. Isabelle's nose twitched at the overpowering smell of top-of-the-range perfume, and she tensed her shoulders. Rhys pulled the bag back up onto Isabelle's shoulder and put his hand on her shoulder, guiding her away slowly whilst giving the girls a filthy look. 

'Baby's got a boyfriend!' 

'Baby and Deaf Boy!' 

Rhys looked confusedly at Isabelle's distressed look. 

Let's go, she signed. 

'Listen to me, Deaf Boy!' Anna shrieked loudly. 'I said listen to me!' 

You're so stupid, Isabelle mouthed at Anna. Ignorant little bitch. 

She grabbed Rhys' arm and hurried off towards the gate. 

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