Don't Say A Word.

Isabelle York is an extraordinary girl, with a flaw that sets her apart.


6. Let Me Tell You One Thing.

Feeling oddly flustered the next morning, Isabelle hoisted her bag up her shoulder and attempted to open the door to her maths room at the same time. She burst into the room, disturbing the class, who were already hard at work. The teacher nodded at her, and she took her seat beside Rhys, who was doodling in the corner of his page, obviously unsure of what he was meant to do. 

I'm sorry I'm late, Isabelle signed, there was a lot of traffic.

It's fine, Rhys smiled and stroked her left hand. 

Isabelle and Rhys were tormented more and more when people found out they were dating, but it wasn't like they cared. For once since her operation, and possibly before that, Isabelle felt listened to, and Rhys felt as though he could hear her every word. Aggravation of not being able to communicate was quickly washed away as Isabelle learnt more and more sign-language, and they were slowly teaching it to their friends to ensure that even when Rhys was in a class alone, someone was able to instruct him in the teacher's place. 

There was no changing the teacher's mind. But they were okay with that, because it meant that they could talk and the teacher would think they were discussing the work at hand. They talked about everything; their family, their hospital experiences, even their hopes for the future. Talking in such a way let the day fly past quicker than most, they flew through the day in a whirlwind of gestures and smiles, oblivious to the others around them. 

In the single lesson that day where Isabelle was alone, she looked up and saw a few girls stood before her. Anna and Abigail were smirking, but Isabelle didn't recognise the third girl. She assumed she was new, so she smiled in a way that attempted to greet the new girl but also contained hatred for the other two. 

Luckily, nothing was said, so the room remained in silence and Isabelle managed to continue with her work, albeit awkwardly as she could feel the stares from the girls on the back of her scarfed neck. As the bell rang for the end of the day, she shuddered and left in a hurry, rushing to meet Rhys before Anna and Co. could catch up with her. 


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