Yoga-Part 3

Breathing exercise and OM mantra


1. Soham-OM

Breathing in sings the note `so`

breathing out a descending note `ham`

The long rhythmic `sohamsohamsoham` rises in to the melody OM

hidden and merged within;

Soham means `Iam That`

`That ` is God.

As the singer transports himself in to the melody of music while singing and listening to it

so the person concentrates on `soham`, explores and listens to  the rhythm

that emerges in to the clear distinct  OM -the chanting quietly descending deep inside.

Asthe life force moves and circles within, the breath suspended

every thing merges in to the deep silence and stillness; back to the original state.

the nectar of peace flowing within.

Pranayamam, the suspended breath enters into transcendental meditation.

Experience might vary, but blessing is there.

Life starts breathing `soham` an unconscious, effortless prayer to God;

OM the unique mantra is the quest for knowledge deep within,

And the spiritual Guru or God resides therein to guide the seeking soul.

Breathing is a natural process, not a conscious effort; the very first scientific truth to be remembered in yoga.

How is it happening? Who is breathing from deep inside? And who is listening?

That is the search to know oneself.

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