Car dealers paradise

This is based on unbelievable but true events. If you are a fan of lock stock then you will love this. I feel that many people can relate to this story or know someone that they can relate it to. Have you ever been so happy that you have everything you want? and then do whatever you can to keep? even if it drives you to destruction. I'm by far not the best writer but just feel that this story needs to be shared.


1. Our journey begins


"Alright  my name's Dave, I'm what you might call a typical Essex car dealer, dripping in gold, sun tan, a huge wod of money in my pocket and a life full of luck".  

Dave was about 5ft 9, slim, shortish spiky hair (oh and don't forget the highlights), green eyes and always dressed cool, even when working.  Had to have the latest fashion or work just wasn't an option.

"Anyway, anyway back to me, enough of all that what I look like business, back to the important stuff,  I'm telling ya about my life here.  I've always had an eye for the girls and the girl that caught my eye and captured my heart was my wife Nina.  I'm telling ya, when we first met I was 21 and she was 17 and it was lust at first sight, but then she politely told me where to go, or in guys terms, fuck off!.  But then as luck would have it we met again about a year later and well, fireworks.  Fate you see and we have been together ever since".  

"What?, what did I hear you ask? oh! what does she look like. Well she about 5ft tall, slim, blonde hair, lovely sun tan and always wears red lipstick, yeah that's it red or pink, I prefer the red, and she's got a heart of gold! always got time for everyone my Nina has.  Anyway I'm starting to daydream.  And yes, yes we have got kids, I was getting round to that.  My eldest Zac , his got brown spiky hair and piercing blue eyes, slim build, you know the sporty type and very clever on paper he is, not like me I'm clever with the chat.  But his gonna go to uni and make something of himself and good for him".  "My younger one Brad his 14, his got spiky hair (must run in the family), his a bit stocky and got lovely green eyes.  His so much like me it's unbelievable, he can chat for England.  He can sell anything to anybody, I tell ya he could sell water to someone who had a bucket with a hole in it and make them believe that if they used the water quick enough the hole wouldn't make a difference, FAN-BLOODY-TASTIC!". 

"Then last, but not least my beautiful daughter Simone, she's about 5ft, 13 years old and slim, long brown hair, got green eyes, she's naturally darker skinned, she's just beautiful but doesn't every dad think that about their daughter.  She can have whatever she wants, she just has to look at me and my heart melts and my wallet opens.  But seriously, she's great, gonna be a beautician she says.  Anyway that's my family, now you know who we all are, moving on."

"What you asking now? where do I live? your a bit bloody nosey!  anyway I live in that great big fucking house you see behind me, yeah that 7 bedroomed lap of luxury, it's got a swimming pool, hot tub, you name it and we've got it.  My Mrs she's got a convertible merc and of course the black range rover had to be mine.  Hang on, hang on don't get ahead of yourself, don't think I'm flash, I'm just bloody happy! I went to hell and back to here, well and truly".

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