Be Mine

When Chloe meets the people she hates more than anything in the world, she some how finds them nice and attractive . She ends up falling for not one or two but all five. Until her best friend Jamie shows up. Who will stay and who will go. Chloe is in a fight against time, family, and much more. Read to see who will stay with her through it all.


2. The Beginning, Middle, and End

           Chloe's P.O.V.

         The reason I hate One Direction, and mostly Harry is he left me then he bullied me what kind of guy does that.



       Me and Harry lived next to each other our whole lives. We where best friends, we stood up for each other and looked out for each other. We where like that until 8th grade.

In 8th grade I moved, Not moved, moved, but moved houses. We had to moved cause me dad, well stepdad got another job. I moved schools too. I left Harry, my only friend, the one that was there for me no matter what.

The frist day of school when i woke up, got a shower, blow dried my hair and straightened it. I put on a pink shirt that said "I <3 My BFF HARRY" and some black skinny jeans. I then put on some light makeup and pick out my favorite neckless Harry got me for my 14th birthday. Then I put on some black sparkly TOMS. I grabbed my backpack and went to the bus stop.

When I got to school everyone was looking and pointing and whispering to each other about me. It was horrible by the time lunch started I was ready to go home.

When I got my lunch I started to walk to a table in the corner by my self then some of the "Popular" girls came towards me. Kathy (the leader) then said "Oh no, little nobody here needs some help with her lunch "

"No I don't" I said     

"Oh of course you do, here.. "Kathy then flipped the tray onto me and started laughing.

Everyone in the cafeteria turned and looked at what Kathy and her gnag was laughing at. Then they all started to laugh too. It was so embarrassing, I ran from the cafeteria and out side. I climbed a tree and sat there and cried, until someone called my name. "Chloe!!!! Chloe!!!" 

"Harry? Harry?" I almost whispered.  

"Chloe get down here please, I need to talk to you" Harry yelled up the tree. I hurried down the tree and Harry said...






 So what do u guys think of this chapter I was going to do longer but I will do Middle and End in there own chapters. And sorry Im bad a cliffhangers, well I think I am. Please commet favorite and fan me, thanks Love you all -XOXO-K.Styles


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