Be Mine

When Chloe meets the people she hates more than anything in the world, she some how finds them nice and attractive . She ends up falling for not one or two but all five. Until her best friend Jamie shows up. Who will stay and who will go. Chloe is in a fight against time, family, and much more. Read to see who will stay with her through it all.


9. Short Filler

Chloe's POV

            After Harry gave my the box of all our stuff he was never the same. He went back to dating Kathy, and ignoring me. But one day he came up to me....

"Hey Chloee" Harry said sacarsticly. 

"What do you want Harry?" I asked annoyed.

"What do you want Harry..." He memicked. "I want you to do whatever I ask!" 

"Now why would I do that?" I rolled my eyes.

"Cuz I have this.." Harry held up a picture of me and one of the guys that I use to talk to. It was of me shirtless and tied to the bedpost.

That guy was a bastard. He used me, not for sex,  but he abused me emotionaly and touched me where I did not want to be touched. And he was a jerk. 

"I'll tell everyone your a slut and you will be anyone's playtoy." Harry smirked evilly. 

"You know it's not true Harry. So why would you do something like this?"

"Because Chlo.. I don't care for you anymore. But I want you to feel the pain I've felt."

"Just leave me alone Harry!" I yelled and stormed off.


After that converstation with Harry he would always push me around, and tell guys to try and get with me. But I knew deep down that he would regret it sooner or later...

 Harry didn't make since anymore. I never did anything really bad to him. I just told him I didn't want to be in his drama, but I guess he has another problem...... 





A/N** Sorry about all the short chapters, but this book is just getting started so they are going to be short for a while... Hopefully it gets better soon. Also don't forget to check out me other books... and I will try to update more!! Thanks xoxo


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