Be Mine

When Chloe meets the people she hates more than anything in the world, she some how finds them nice and attractive . She ends up falling for not one or two but all five. Until her best friend Jamie shows up. Who will stay and who will go. Chloe is in a fight against time, family, and much more. Read to see who will stay with her through it all.


8. My Most Prized Possession

I opened the box and looked inside. I was a copy of the song he sang, and a teddy bear, and a smaller box filled with pictures and things of us.

A tear slid down my cheek as I looked through the pictuers. They where of my most favorite times together. I loved them, Harry knew what I wanted and when to give it to me. He is trying to win me back, but I have to be strong. I don't want to get hurt again.

I have to let him go, and in time, if I'm ready I'll find him again. I love him, and always will, no matter what happens.

Jamie came up and said "Girl came on, pick up your head. He loves you, and he let you go, you need to do the same. I know its hard, but you still have a party going on."

She walked me over to my vanity and fixed my makeup, she grabed a taria I had on my dresser and placed it on my head. I looked like a princess.

I went down stairs and finished the party. I opened all my presents, and man where there a lot. I took all of my stuff up, along with Jamie. And we put it in my room. We sorted through everything and placed things where they looked nice. After we were done, Jamie put on a movie that she said would 'take my mind off him'. And you know what it did. I was laughing through the hole thing. By the time it was over it was 11, we got in bed and fell alseep. 

In the morning we got up had breakfast and went to the mall. We shoppped and ate, and I saw Harry's favorite stores and tried to hold back my tears. By 3 we where done. We went home and put everything away.

Then my parents took us out to eat at a very fancy resterant. We had so much fun, after ward we went to the ice cream shop and picked out some to eat. We walked around the park eating it.

Me and Jamie acted like little kids and played on the playground. We left at around 7 and went home. Jamie was spending the night again, but only for 3 more days. We spent the rest of the time at the mall, movies, or with other friends. 


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