These Little Moments


3. Chapter 3

"Back here, Carlie!"
I look towards the sounds and see the boys' changing room door is slightly open. I knock and hear a mumble of consent. I open it and see 5 bare chests. I quickly gasp and cover my eyes, muttering apologies as I back out of the room. I feel a hand grab my wrist and gently pull it away from my face. I open my eyes once more and Liam is grinning at me.
"Don't worry. We don't mind," he said, winking at me.
I blushed and looked down, shuffling my feet, "Erm. Okay."
Louis slips on a striped shirt and ruffles his hair.
"Well, aren't you going to sit?"
I look around and see that the only spot open is next to Harry, on the love seat. I shuffle over and sit on the very edge, scared to get too close.
"Umm. We'll see you two later," Zayn says with an evil grin on his face.
I flip my head up and see all the boys- minus Harry- giggle and jog out of the room.
Harry looks at me with an odd face and sighs.
I'm scared I've disappointed him somehow and begin to stand up to leave.
"Where are you going? Why are you leaving?"
I glance down and see Harry looking sad.
"What are you talking about, Harry?"
"Well, you didn't seem to take a liking to me, and I want to know why."
I look around awkwardly, searching for the words to say.
"I don't want to get caught up in something that won't happen. I just got out of a bad relationship and I don't want that to happen again. I was hurt before. And you're famous. You have girls drooling over you, and I can't handle being hurt. You look like you're one to be used to using girls, an that can not happen again. I'm sorry."
I get up to leave, not wanting to cry in front of the most popular teen in the entire world.
I stop and just stand there, looking at my exit. I begin to cry, so I start forward again before the real sobs come out.
"Carlie, wait! I would never do that to you. You have to listen."
Turning around, I see Harry's dark green eyes piercing my own. He grabs my hands and pulls them to our chests.
"You seem pretty perfect to me. You didn't fangirl or go crazy like normal fans do when they first meet us. I want to get to know you. Please. Give me a chance."
I couldn't believe my ears. Harry Styles was asking me to stay. Harry. Freaking. Styles.
I just nod my head, agreeing to stay. His eyes start sparkling.
"Good. Now let me grab my shirt and we can head to the after party."
He drops our hands and I finally realize he isn't wearing a shirt. His perfectly toned abs are showing, along with his v lines. I bite my lip, trying not to smile too hard.
He sees me and looks amused, "What?"
"Oh, nothing, 'babe'," I smirk.
He grins, showing off his pearly whites.
"Oh, really now? Using my tricks against me? That's not fair."
I giggle into my palm and feel a vibration in my pocket. I take out my phone and unlock it, seeing 15 new texts from Catherine. She has been wondering where I am because she had to leave, but couldn't find me.
"I'm fine. But you'll never guess who I'm with. Call me. Xx"
I send it and feel arms wrap around my waist.
"You ready, babe?"
I smile and look over my shoulder at his mop of curly brown hair.
"Absolutely. Let's go."
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