These Little Moments


2. Chapter 2

I am pulled through the crowd of security while Paul flashes his badge at all the bulky men blocking our way. I hear the crowd cheering for an encore as we reach the outskirts of the stage. I can barely see over the steps leading to the stage, and all I see are one of the boy's shoes. I can see only one pair; blue and white converse. My eyes lock on the shoes, attempting to memorize every part of my first meeting with the boys who changed my life. The concert ends shortly after my shoe daze and the boys shout and thank the crowd for being amazing. They are laughing and pushing each other as they stumble down the stairs, not paying attention to the fact that I had quit breathing. Paul coughs and the boys look up, noticing me for the first time. Louis was in front; therefore, he saw me first.

"Hello, babe." I nod to him, trying to catch my breath.

"Who do we have here, Paul?" Zayn asks, scanning me.

"Well, she got a bit sick earlier and didn't get to see most of the performance, so I thought I would let her meet you boys." I just blushed and looked down, thinking of my previous episode.

"Oh. In that case, hello, beauiful," Liam says shyly to me.

"Hi." I tear my eyes away from Liam long enough to see Niall looking at me with an intent gaze. I smile and nod at him, looking for the last of the boys.

Harry walked up to me and grabbed my hand, kissing the top of it. "Hello, gorgeous."

I blushed furiously as the boys groaned behind him. "Haz, you can't keep stealing every girl we all meet." Harry looked up at me and winked. I gently pulled my hand away, but keeping my gaze on Harry's. He gave me an inquisitive look, but I dragged my gaze downward, blushing once again.

"Well, now that introductions are done, I do believe I have to escort you out, Miss Carlie," Paul said from behind me, grabbing my hand, yanking me away from the boys. I looked back at them and gave a sad sigh, complying with the force of being torn away from them.

I felt a hand pull me back and looked into the eyes of Liam Payne. "Let her stay for awhile, Paul."

"I agree," Zayn said with a smirk. "Let's see if she's any fun."

"Yeah. C'mon, Paul," Louis said with a grin.

Niall just nodded, seeming to agree. Paul looked at Harry to see if it was fine with him. Harry looked up, seemingly unaware of what was going on and just nodded, then looked down again.

Paul seemed to think about his options but finally caved, "Fine. But you have an afterparty to attend. Or do you want her to go to that too? Oh, forget it. Carlie, do you want to go to the party?"

I looked up, "Um. Sure?"

"Great. It's settled. Bye, Paul. C'mon, Carlie," Liam said, dragging me away, along with Louis and Zayn.

"We're gonna have a blast, babe," Liam whispered in my ear, sending a chill up my spine and a grin on my face.
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