These Little Moments


1. Chapter 1

I knew this was a bad idea as I stepped out of the mini van, loaded with my closest friends. I shoved my hands into the pockets of my denim shorts as I look at the scene unfolding around me. Everyone who was anyone was at the beach for the One Direction concert that was supposed to happen at sunset. The beach was crowded and I was beginning to feel sick to my stomach, feeling like there was no hope of me even seeing the boys, let alone meeting them. I was knocked out of my daze by a rough shove to my shoulder. I turned my head to see my bestfriend Catherine looking at me with a funny look on her face.

"What's up with you? You look upset."

I just shook my head. "It's nothing. I promise."

Catherine looked me up and down an I subconsciously straightened up.

"Shut up. Let's go meet our lovers."

I giggled into my hand, unable to help myself.

"Alright. Let's do this."

We galloped off to catch up to our friends, who were turning in circles, trying to catch a peek at the boys. I joined them in a chorus of "1D! 1D! 1D!" We shouted and jumped up and down, my long blonde hair swaying in the wind.

The group began to hand out solo cups with some type of fruity, nonalcoholic drink. I chugged it quickly and begged for more. They complied, filling it to the top again, but not before a warning glance from Catherine. I just shrugged and sipped my second one while swaying to the music playing on the stage where the boys are supposed to be in less than 5 minutes. "Drive By" by Train was on and Catherine and I immediately began to dance around, singing to each other. Soon, we were in a fit of giggles, lying on the sand. But we stood as soon as we heard the screams start. My head jerked in the direction of the stage and I saw the five boys mount the stage with their mics. I swooned and looked to Catherine. Her short brown hair was flying everywhere, and she was jumping up and down, screaming with the rest of the crowd. I swallowed the rest of my drink and got a refill before joining her in fangirling.

We were close to the back, but the slope of the beach made it so that we could see perfectly. The stage was fairly small, and the boys were positioned in their formation to start WMYB. At the first sounds of the song, everyone began to holler and shout. The boys smirked at one another and belted out the lyrics as the entire crowded throbbed to the music.

As we got closer to the end of the concert, I had already had 6 drinks an was beginning to think that drink was slightly polluted with some alcohol. "Moments" came on and the audience hushed. Some grabbed lighters, others grabbed a phone and swayed to the music. It was a beautiful sight as everyone united under the stars.

I looked up to the sky and the moon began to swirl. I felt a strong clutch in my stomach and I doubled over, vomiting all over the sand. I teetered and stumbled to the closest portapotty which was backstage. The boys' bodyguard saw me trying to get past the security, who refused to let me pass, and nodded his consent to let me through. He guided me in and held back my hair, rubbing his hand over my back, soothing me as I threw up all the drinks I had ingested.

After awhile, I wiped my mouth on a cloth the bodyguard handed me and thanked him. He nodded and smiled at me.

"My name is Paul. May I ask yours?"

I tried to smile at him and nod, "I know who you are. My name is Carlie."

He looked at me funny, "Not many people know who I am, Carlie. How do you know?"

I blushed and looked down at my sparkly TOMS. "I'm probably the boys' biggest fan. Hah", I laughed nervously.

He grinned, "Well then, Carlie. Would you like to meet them?"

My eyes grew wide, "You're kidding. Right?"

He chuckled and looked around, "Well, you had to miss the end of their concert. I think you deserve to see them."

I nodded furiously and took his hand as he led me away, toward my favorite boys in the entire world.
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