The diaries of Ellie

After being kidnapped, the key to what happened to her was all through these single diaries that she wrote over the final two years of her life. The thing is will her brother, Liam Payne, believe what happened was true. Even when his nephew and niece stand in front of him...


3. September 8th 2011 and December 20th 2011

I need help. I need to be cleansed. There will be nothing to clean what I was forced to do. They took 'it' last night. I worrying now. It was that time of the month, I think, and they did it with me. It was not just one though, all five of the lads he hung out with and himself, Alan, Steve, Theo, Peter, Tom, Liam. It seems weird that it was the same name as my brother, I never caught a look on his face. I used to go out with Steve, he was all right till he met Peter at college. I wish that Liam was here, he would hug and me and say that I was going to be okay. He isn't, and he never will. I will never, ever be able to see his eyes that shine, see the smile he sparkles as I enter through the door, I will never be able to hear him sing in the shower. I will never see him or the bad. I miss Harry, I have some feelings for him and I know that he doesn't like me back.


Liam's POV

Reading that entry made my heart melt. I never realised that she was that lonely. I remember Steve, he was a actually all right lad. I do remember trying to drink away my problems two years ago and I saw him again. God, I didn't do it, did I? 



December 20th 2011

3 months and I know know that I am. I was sick constantly all today and I feel hollow for some weird reason. They know too. The beatings have tuned down a notch, now that they presume about the baby. The thing is, wh is the dad. I have to go, Steve might be coming through the door. Whenever I look at him my heart still melts, he looks ashamed now whenever he sees me. I don't whether it is from what I have down by leaving him, or that he cheated on me with some blonde slapper in the club on my 19th birthday. I know for sure that I hate him with my very life.

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