The diaries of Ellie

After being kidnapped, the key to what happened to her was all through these single diaries that she wrote over the final two years of her life. The thing is will her brother, Liam Payne, believe what happened was true. Even when his nephew and niece stand in front of him...


2. September 1st 2011

2 days it has been... 2 days since I was kidnapped from my home and life. I only wanted a glass of water.


The torch was blinking on and off as my bare feet padded down the stairs. As I reached the bottom, I felt the stab and

tear in my stomach and something was thrown against me. My bed shirt became heavy and pain was coursing through my body. A hand turned the torch off and sliced my body again. My hands flew to my skin and felt all of the blood. Dizziness swooped under me and I gripped on to the wall for support. Arms, again, pulled me their way, making my hand slide across the wall. My eyes flickered to his face, but there was nothing there but a black mask. I kicked him hard in the groin, before trying trying to run upstairs to Liam. As soon as I stood I fell back and into the stack of pans. I couldn't hold hold it any more, I let out a blood curdling scream. The hands clamped around my mouth and we slipped from the window and into a black Land Rover.

He slipped off his mask and glared at me, giving me one of the most recognisable smirks that I would EVER not forget.

Peter Gosforth

My ex-boyfriend

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