The diaries of Ellie

After being kidnapped, the key to what happened to her was all through these single diaries that she wrote over the final two years of her life. The thing is will her brother, Liam Payne, believe what happened was true. Even when his nephew and niece stand in front of him...


4. January 25th 2012

How can I say what I feel? What is the best way to put it in to words? Please excuse me here diary but I feel like shit! My stomach is ballooning out and this baby is energetic. I think it's a boy, the guys don't take me to the doctors to see whether it is okay or not, so how could I? They have stopped every sought of beating that they could think of while I'm this big, that is the only positive thing about this whole situation.

I miss Liam like crazy, his laugh and smile would have helped me. The support from the other lads he knew in the X-factor would have helped him, help me if you know what I mean. How could I have been so stupid to trust a idiot like Peter. My parents knew his whole family, everyone was nice in his family. His parents loved me already, according to Peter himself. Thinking about it, that could have all been a lie, he just wanted me to stay with him. If I left, This would happen. I was so dump to believe that... that. I can't put it in to words.

Ellie and baby, signing off.


Liam's POV

Even after all I said to her before she was taken, she still loved me. The short little giggle of my niece disrupted me from my thoughts. I felt a smile spread across my face, she looked like her mother but there was still this hint of the unknown about her father. It wasn't the same as her brothers, he hair was becoming chestnut and a little mix of blonde. How I missed her, too much to describe.

"I wasn't an only brother you know." a voice squeaked, my nephew. "My mom had another baby before me, she told me. They have him." 

My head lifted from the face of his sister, my sister was just some machine in the end. The was still one question that played in my head,

"What's your name?"



Hey guys, I know I haven't updated in forever but just the lack of comments has made me stop writing on everything. I would like to see some more, so if you would like to name him leave a comment and I will see which one would fit the story! I will try to update more often now, so thanks for reading!

Wolfy/Ely xx

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