The diaries of Ellie

After being kidnapped, the key to what happened to her was all through these single diaries that she wrote over the final two years of her life. The thing is will her brother, Liam Payne, believe what happened was true. Even when his nephew and niece stand in front of him...


1. Flashback

I sat in the living room, depressed. I had no word from Ellie, and that was for two years. I do not know if she is alive, or dead. I only hope that alive is the answer...

*2 years ago*

It was too early for anyone to be up. The clang of pans, the muffled whimpers. Ellie shouldn't be up yet, should she? 

The scream that shook the walls made me spring from my bed and secure my hands around a baseball bat. The house stood silent as, step by step, my feet took me in the direction of the kitchen. On the bottom step I felt something ooze between my toes. Reaching for the torch that was by the banister, I looked frantically around for the intruder. 

Fumbling for the switch, I lit it and looked at the wall where I supported myself. Two single hand prints and smears stained the wall, in fresh blood. The torch spun to what I stood in, finding they stood in another pool of blood.

Jumping quickly out of it's way, I slowly prepared myself for the scene in front of me. 

The light from the kitchen blared, deep sniffs only heard now. The silence pressed down on my chest, as I saw the butchers knife on the counter. Through the air it was like I could still hear the beating heart which pumped the blood around it's host. Hand prints of blood littered the cabinets, a message was carved into the chopping board:


You will never see her again. Maybe your future nieces and nephews,

but not your sister. You will never stop me from having her again.

*End of flashback*

Now as I sit here, thinking about that night, I wish we had never fought. The last thing I said to her was: 'You wouldn't know if someone loved you, even if it hit you in the face!' 

My body jumped as the slight rasp of the door echoed through the house. I forced the door back revealing PC. Nickelson and Star who were the main people on Ellie's case.

"Liam, may we come in?" Nickelson queried, I widened the door as they both took off their hats and stepped in together.

"You better sit down son. This ain't -" Star started but was cut off by an elbow to the ribs from his colleague. Star was a very tall and muscular man. His eyes were firm and his shirt threatening to to rip at the arms. Nickelson was a petite woman who's hair was grey and thinning.

I sat on the arm of the chair and watched as their faces turned sullen and old.

"If it's about Ellie, stop stalling." My tone became harsh and cold. They both sighed and looked at each other.

"her body was found this morning. Not really 'found' as such, more likely handed in with something else. A year old boy and a baby only a few hours old."

She placed two pictures on the coffee table. How alike Ellie they were.

"She's dead Liam. She was strangled and then her spine broken in three different places." She sighed. I didn't realise how tired and scared I was till I was tuned out of the world.


The light giggle of a child woke me from my slumber. A small hand slapped down on my cheeks. My niece laughing on my chest. The sobs of a boy by my feet made me eyes spring open futher and look at him. My nephew. One of the only things I had left of Ellie.

His face was littered with bruises and scars. Cuts were deep and infected all along his arms. His eyes hollow and... dead. The iris was no colour of mine or Ellie's, but of her ex. Thinking now, he did not have the winding green that was present. He was of no close relation to me or whoever had been his father. His ebony hair was short and spiked, framing his face. He still had Ellie's face. His cheek bones sharp and cutting, his nose small and smooth. His lips thick and full. He does not deserve to go through what he went through, especially at his age. 

"Are you Liam?" He chocked. His voice was still unable to show his words properly. I simply nodded.

"Mommy asked me to give you this." He lifted up and thick envelope. You could hear the paper rustle underneath. I turned it over to the front and saw the most amazing thing I could hope for.

Ellie's Diaries



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