Yoga-Part 2

Methods and requirements.


1. perfected personality

Requirements:Sincere desire to change, well regulated diet, adequate sleep and physical exercise.

Last but not least, a relaxed mind and body.

Results:perfected personality both in mind and body speech and action and a total integration.

Yoga has multiple paths to its ultimate goal-self realisation.

Hatha yoga -psycho physical yoga of postures and breathing exercises

Karma yoga-yoga of actions with a detached mind-body the chariot, spirit the occupant,mind the charioteer

and five senses horses.

Jnana yoga-the path of knowledge and wisdom.

Bhakti yoga-yoga of love and devotion.

Kundalini yoga of meditation on seven chakras,Mantra yoga for self purification and a much practised Rajayoga-royal path

for body mind and spirit.

OM the basic mantra of all mantras, the symbol of God transcends languages and religions.

Cosmic energy an all vibrant and resonant OM

flashed in to various coiours and sounds from the golden light of sun.

OM the inset gem embedded in the crown of yoga is the life giving and life teaching mantra.

The secret of OM mantra is to concentrate on `soham`, a long breath in and out

like the rise and fall of waves.

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