together for ever

how i spend the valentine


8. the question


this is the time to ask her ,i taket out the box from my pocet and i sit in one leg and i asked chanel some question "chanel,you konw that i know you from long time and i love you so much ,and i cant be with any one except you , so do do you marry me?" i asked and when i saw her face ans she was shoked and she was red ,why she have not say any thing ?is  she going to say no? i dont want to lose her " yes harry yes,yes,yes,bilion time yes harry ,to be your wife and to be miss styles is the best thing ever " she said kissing me then i kiss her passionately on the lips OMG

this is the best night in my life "so miss styles would you come with me to our room?" i asked "well,MR styles i will go to any were with you"  she said ,then i kissed her softly on her warm lips .

its just i love the valentine

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