together for ever

how i spend the valentine


2. the first look

       ZAYN P.O.V:

 we arive the house and chanel look so exited and happy "come on in" isaid "ok " she said "oh, i forget to tell you that i still live with the boys i hope you wont mind?" i asked then she give me a smile "No i dont we all gonna have fun" she siad "WOW,who is the cute girl?" harry laughed "hey harry i miss you toohed " she lauged too then she give him huge hug ,they look perfect together "Hey chanel ,i miss you so much " niall sid while he hug her "girl you look so beauty" liam said while he hug her too "yeah, she look so pretty right?" louis said while he hug her too "oh , thanks boys i realli miss you too " she said then me and the boys start lokking to harry cause we all know that he like her .

        HARRY P.O.V:

when i saw chanel i could not stop lokking at her ,she was really beauty with her black long hiar and her broun eyes ,

"so chanel how is you life? anything new?" i asked "well,nothing , just mu boring life , how about you do you find the girl?" she asked "Yes , i have found my dream girl ,but she dont know and im a friad from her answer" i said

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