together for ever

how i spend the valentine


3. how i fell about you


"well,harry you have to tell her about how do you fell"she said with sad voice "ok,gus ,chanel have to sleep now " zayn said "goodnight pretty "  isaid "goodnight handsome,goodnihgt boys "she said "harry you have to tell her "louis said ,"yes,you have to " liam said "but how im gonna tell her ?" iasked "harry the valentine" niall yaled "yes,chanel love this day so much" zayn said .

In the morning i woke up and i went to the kitchen to see chanel cooking "morning sunshine" i said "morning harry" she smiled "how can i help ,im good at cooking" isaid "well put the flour on the pot "she said then i tike some flour and put it on her face "HAHAHA, you look so cute now" i laughed "No you did not, you will see what im gonna do " she laughed then we start fighting with the food ,then chanel slid on the flor and i give her my hand to help her then i slid too and i were top of her " iwould like to be on top"she said then we chang the places "and i would like to kiss you "she said " iwont mind to kiss my dream girl" isaid then i kissed her soft lips .after the kiss ,"wait ,do you said my dream girl?" she asked "yes chanel you ar the one " i said lokking at her eyes then we kissed again "i love you harry from long time" she said "ilove you too chanel" i said "now ,we should get up befor the boys went here" she laughed then we tray to stand up with !!out slid ,"WOW!!! what happend her ? a war? " liam said " what happend to you gus ? do you were fighting with the food?"louis said "well,its our turn  KILL THEM " niall yaled then we start fighting with the food and laughing .

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