together for ever

how i spend the valentine


6. cool night

I opened the first box and its was the most beautiful jeuellery i ever seen a diamond necklace middle of it a heart and diamond braclet with the earrings ,in the scond box i found the best  shoe red high heel ever and in the last box , i find black short dress with res belt it was so sexy and i found a letter OMG its was from harry

                          Dear:love chanel

     i really want to spend the valentine withe you and this dress will be hot on you follow the map to find me

                                                                                                              xoxo harry

OMG im so happy i will be with the hot boy from the cool band in the world "one direction"

so i get dressed i put my make up and i take the map "first go to our favourit pub ".

so i went to there and i hear a little girl calling my name "this rose for you " she said softly "oo thanks i love the red rose " isaid "go to the restrunt when i first see you " when i was walking to there a woman give me a red rose and in evry time i go to plac someone will give me red rose , "finelly iwill meet harry now " "go behind the garden ill meet you there " OMG its our place its the place when i meet harry face to face , its was red and really it was wonderful place then i saw harry holdind in his hand the last rose "thanks babe its really cool" isaid then i kissed him he hold my hand and we went to the table then harry pulled the chair form  he was so gentleman "thanks love" i said smiling " any thing for you babe" ha said softly then harry ordred the food and i ordred the same what will he eat " im so happy to be with you tonight " harry said " im happy too its dream come tru " i said .

after our romantic diner we went to the beach and we were unshod and walking crossed hands ,then we heared a song wait i know this song its was our song " harry its our song " i said " this is the best night ever " he kissed me on the lips

" Do i have the honor to dance with you lady ?" he said with his soft voice and perfect smile " sur you can sir" isaid looking at hes green cristal eyes

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