together for ever

how i spend the valentine


1. meeting my old friends

" BeeB,BeeB " my phone ring OMG it was zayn my cousin i missed him so much "hey chanel ,how ar you?"he asked "im good ,how about you cousin ?" isaid "haha im good ,well i called you to tell you that i really missed you and i want to see you" zayn said " ooo ,i missed you too so much ,so i ll meet you soon right?" i said "sur acturlly im coming to take you with me now to my house and dont worry i asked your mum and seh dont mind,so pack your things i will be there for about 4 hours ok!"he said "ok,im wiatinig handsome "i laughed

After 4 hours

"BeeB BeeB " zayn called my name "chanel im here come on we have to go now" he siad "ok zayn im coming " isaid then i went to the car and i saw zayn ans i give him huge hug "irealli missed you " i said "me too beauty" he said

so we went to the car and we start tallking and laughing about our funny memorys until we arive the hous .

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