Blue Lips.

Jasmine Calling is 14, and rather extraordinary.
She can dance, she can sing, she can act and she certainly has the money.
But what happens when her mother, Silvia, dies?
Jasmine no longer enjoys anything anymore.
Will she stay silent forever?
Or will somebody open her up?


5. C5

I sat in the Theropy office, my eyes dancing around the room. The theropist, Miss Gracey-Leeton, eyed me with suspicious eyes. Her pen was posied at the paper, her eyes narrowed.

"Now, Jasmine, I'd like you to tell me anything. If I show you some cards of pictures, will that help open you up?"

I studied one of the posters. The girl looked sort of like Maria. She had long curly hair, and deep blue eyes. She wasn't smiling, and the caption beside it said 'Open up, and I'll smile'.

Miss Gracey was keeping calm. She looked like she had all day. Then, before I could do anything, like move my eyes, she began to write. From my seat, I could read 'Opening up isn't an option at the moment'.

Then, without any thought, I blurted "That's a little rude, isn't it?"

She looked up, and smiled.

"Yes, but it opened you up, didn't it?"

I held my hand over my mouth, and my eyes darted around the room, looking for a distraction. I couldn't focus on anything clearly, so my eyes landed back on Miss Gracey.

"You can talk to me, Jasmine. You've been in here many a time. I understand. I'm not going to hurt you, and all of this stuff is confidentual, so your parents won't find out."

The words 'Parents' stung, like when you have a cut, and you accidenly get salt or lemon juice in it.

Miss Gracey raised her eyebrows then, like she knew exactly what was going on. She approuched me subtly.

"Jasmine, would these cuts have anything to do with an accident? I'm not going to lie, but you winced when I mentioned the word 'parents'. Were you in an accident? Did your parents die?"

A lightning bold of anger struck through me.

"You don't know anything! Your not the person to talk to! Leave me alone, I want time to myself! What is it with all the questions, and why does everyone want to find out? IT'S NONE OF YOUR BUISNESS!"

With that, I stormed out of the room, down the flight of stairs, and out into the quad. My heart was pounding, but not too much, because I'd done this once before. The worst they did was yell at you, and I'd had my fair share of yelling.

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