Blue Lips.

Jasmine Calling is 14, and rather extraordinary.
She can dance, she can sing, she can act and she certainly has the money.
But what happens when her mother, Silvia, dies?
Jasmine no longer enjoys anything anymore.
Will she stay silent forever?
Or will somebody open her up?


4. C4

Question's surrounded me that day. I felt like I was trapped in a corner, the fear of answering creeping closer and closer. The evil eyes and taunting words jabbing at me with sharp fingernails. The rush of people and normal laughs echoed as usual, but there was a slight nervous atmosphere.

Everybody knew there wasn't something right in Popular World. And until everybody found out, it was going to stay like that. The fear of asking, and the strange, bugging feeling. Everybody in Popular World had to know what was going on, and who it involved, or nothing was the same.

My head turned towards Maria. She was hunched in the corner of the room with Libby and Siti. They all stared at me thoughtfully, then Maria said something, and they all exploded in giggles and laughs. I could feel the anger bubble and boil inside of me, like a steaming pot of soup or pasta.

I tapped my fingernails on the desk nervously, looking down at the empty page. No date, no title, no objective. Just a lined, white page. I could see Miss Jezton gazing around the room, and her eyes suddenly landed on me. I peeled away quickly, but not quick enough to look busy.

"Where's your work, Jasmine?" she asked subtly. There was silence between us.

"Jasmine, where is your work?" she repeated, but with a hint of anger. When I didn't reply again, Maria stood up, and made her way over. I knew this wasn't going to end well.

"Miss Jezton, Jasmine hasn't moved an inch apart from the whole walking thing. She hasn't said a word, either."

Miss glanced from Maria, to me again. Her eyes pierced into me like sharp knifes, slicing through every thought, until every one of them were shredded.

"Jasmine, step outside for a moment. Maria, get back to work. I want 5 sentences, and if you don't, you'll be staying after the lesson, okay?"

Miss Jezton's eyes didn't move from me. I could feel the knife poking and prodding again, digging into things that it shouldn't be.

I pushed back my chair and opened the door. I was met by a fresh wind, and I enjoyed the coolness of it. Miss Jeston shut the door behind her.

"Now, Jasmine, I'd like you to tell me what's going on. What's happened? It's fine if it's something embarressing, but it's unusual for you to be putting off the work like this."

Miss Jezton's offer was tempting, but her words rolled of the slippery plastic in my head. I wasn't going to open up. Not to anyone.

I was Jasmine Calling, and I was the girl who wouldn't speak again.

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