Blue Lips.

Jasmine Calling is 14, and rather extraordinary.
She can dance, she can sing, she can act and she certainly has the money.
But what happens when her mother, Silvia, dies?
Jasmine no longer enjoys anything anymore.
Will she stay silent forever?
Or will somebody open her up?


3. C3

I woke up, my hair wet and my sheets on the floor.

I climbed out of bed, and dressed.

I was alone.

Dad had gone to work, and mum wasn't with us anymore.

No breakfast.

I walked to school with Maria. She was the only one who spoke.

"Jasmine, what's going on? You've been so secluded lately. Has something happened?"

I didn't reply. My mind was wurring.

"Look, I know somethings up. You have stitches all down your arm and one on your cheek. Your not walking properly, so there's something wrong with your leg, too. Did somebody hurt you? Were you in an accident?"

Her words were like echoes. They bounced off the walls in my head, and pictures of mum on the hospital bed, pale white, flashed before my eyes.


I wasn't ever going to reply.

Not to anybody.

"You need help" Maria announced.

Her words hurt. Like the glass that sliced my cheek and arms.

"You are popular, Jasmine. Everybody's going to want to know, so just tell me, okay?"

When I didn't reply again, Maria screeched, "Your so tricky!"

With that, she left me walking by myself.

Like I was the dirt on her shoes.



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