Blue Lips.

Jasmine Calling is 14, and rather extraordinary.
She can dance, she can sing, she can act and she certainly has the money.
But what happens when her mother, Silvia, dies?
Jasmine no longer enjoys anything anymore.
Will she stay silent forever?
Or will somebody open her up?


2. C2

I sat in a hospital chair, with a bandaged leg and a stitched arm and cheek. My heart was still pounding, my head throbbing and my whole body was quievering .

A doctor made her way out of a room, with a clipboard and a soulmn face. I stood up immediatly, almost forgetting about my own injuries.

"Miss Calling?"

I nodded, biting my nails.

"It's...bad news. Your mother has passed. I am sorry for you loss."

The doctor walked away.

I fell back into the chair, sobbing. My mother, the one I'd known since I was born, was gone. She wasn't going to come back. She was always going to be asleep, in a grave. She wouldn't be at a future wedding, she wouldn't know my children.

Night fell, and the doctors allowed me to see my mother before the drove her to the morgue.

It was cold and lonely in the room. Mum was unplugged from the life machine, her hair was white, and her eyes were shut. She was pale.

I stroked her face, and kissed her cheek, tears welling in my eyes.

"I love you so much, mummy" I said, and planted a kiss on her other cheek. I rubbed her hands for the last time, and left without another word.

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