Blue Lips.

Jasmine Calling is 14, and rather extraordinary.
She can dance, she can sing, she can act and she certainly has the money.
But what happens when her mother, Silvia, dies?
Jasmine no longer enjoys anything anymore.
Will she stay silent forever?
Or will somebody open her up?


1. C1

My life is perfect. I mean, I know everybody says stuff like that will be crushed in a matter of days, or that it isn't true at all, but I don't think so. I believe that if somebody says something is perfect, that it is. Oh, and my name's Jasmine Calling. Don't forget that.


So, I guess your all wondering why I've written this story. Turns out, the people who said that their 'Perfect Life' would be ruined in a matter of days...were telling the truth. This story was the one thing that I almost killed myself over. I was so glad I didn't. And I was so glad I came through. So, here it is. My life-ruining Story.


"Jasmine, stop distracting me!" mum called, turning the wheel of the car, sending us flying right. I clung onto the handle of the car door like it was the only thing that'd spare my life.

"Mum, careful!" I cried, squinting my eyes. The car turned another fierce right, and mum braked immediatly. We were sent flying into another vehicle. The impact was strong, and heart-racing. Slamming into the vehicle was something that I'd never experienced, and something I was stunned about.

There were horns and more ear-piercing squeals of other braking cars and lorries.

My body was limp and my legs were stuck under the crushed dashboard. I couldn't move, I was stuck. There was a pain soaring through my legs to my heart, and for a moment I thought I was having a heart-attack.As soon as I'd realised what had actually happened, my eyes opened wide.

Shattered glass and a silent mum beside me, I tried my hardest to escape. My hands was cut, and my head was pounding. I searched for a way to get out, but my seat belt was jammed.

"Mum!" I tried, but there wasn't a reply. I turned towards mum. Her body looked deflated. She looked so young in that seat. Her head had been sliced from shear impact, and her arms were coated with glass. I could feel tears welling up in my eyes, and before I knew it, I was in fast and continuous sobs.

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