Rosy Starling Bird (My entry for the Poetry Competition, PLEASE READ)


1. The Rosy Starling Bird


Its not particularly great,

It does not stop my breath,

Never gets the credit,

Never gets the laurel wreath.

It goes on, carrying on its life,

And on its own that's what it will always be,

How can I be certain, you ask,

Well in that lost heart, I see me.

But did I not mention, something,

That's right, you weren't told,

With someone else, a partner in crime,

Its beauty for the eyes to behold,

So don't you realise it?

It must be true,

Without your arms around me,

I'm completely lost without you,

I'm an it, a thing,

Ugly, useless and lost,

Just let me give you all i have,

And I only ask for one cost,

Give me your arms, your embrace,

All, every part,

But most all, I'll give it up all up for one thing,

Your, kind, precious heart.




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