20 ways to kill a vampire

Dont judge just read


1. WARNING:If you dont like funny gore then dont read

1) If any vampires are alergic to adorablenes.

Throw an adorable kitten at them.

2) Slice the vampire in half.

3) Make the vampire eat a chopstick.

4) Mke the vampire bleed to death

5) Garlic bread and blood.

The vampire would not be able to resist the tast of blood.

6) Drop the vampire off a cliff.

Only do this if the vampire is unable to fly.

7) An axe penitrating through the neves of the vampire.

8) Bubble bath for vampires who are allergic to soap.

9) Make a vampire eat snails with spices and hearbs.

With vampire repelent quallitys.

10) Have a vampire discintergrated by your home fire.

Nice and tostey.

11) Invite them to a tea party, then have a piano land on the vampire.

12) Ask the vampire if they want your blood, then when they are near you thorax use a sword or a raper then stab the vampire

in the heart.

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