20 ways to kill a vampire

Dont judge just read


2. more Funny gore

13) Touture and burn untill all there blood goes out of them.

14) Grab a lighter and set there coffen on fire while they are sleeping them make sure there ashs are spread out around a large area so that the vampire can not form back together.

15) Grab a rope then suspend the vampire in the air then get whales fat put it on the branch then set fire to the fat then the fat dribbles down onto the vampire and sets alight the vampires clothes.

16) Get a repellent that is highly toxic to vampires, give it to the vampire of your choice, then the vampire should explode with all the body parts and blood flying out.

17) Find a really weak vampire and deprive it of blood for a few days then feed it through a tube with cous blood untill it gets bloted then it will EXPLODE inside the coffen or room you have disidedly put the vampire is in.

18) Get some diniomight and stick it in the vampires mouth ant light it, make sure its tighed down well in the vampires mouth, the run Away FOR YOUR SAFTEY, and sit and watch the vampire get blown up.

19) Find a knife a raper a gun and chop the knife and the raper into smallish pieces, put into the gun and fire away at the vampires.

20) Get everythin on the lists then get a very strong vampire and let the grand fanally begin.


hope you have enjoyed this!!!!! Comment if you want me to make any others. 

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