Scandal (A Cantwell Nover - Book 1)

Guess what Cantwell students? I'm here to spill all the gossip of the last 7 days! Why, cause that's my job, and if you don't like it.
Better embrace the suck.


2. Silas


Silas Darcy. Editor in chief of the Cantwell Gazette and president of the Writing Committee. He was big headed about his (what he calls) “Journalist Career”.   He hurried down the long corridor. He was late for the School Newspaper meeting and couldn’t miss another one.   He was playing with fire now. The head master, Mr. Cantwell had threatened give his place as Chief Editor to Ramona Salmon, the girl who asked him how to spell orange.   His Blackberry buzzed in his pocket. He started to walk faster as he read from the screen.   He was off to visit the principal’s office at that very moment. He was beckoned there by an assistant who ran laps round the school trying to find him.       _____________________________________________________________________________  

“Look guys we need the hard hitting stuff,” Silas complained to his fellow news reporters, completely ignoring, new girl, Simona who happened standing in the corner waiting for him “Nobody wants to know how that emo girl in my Latin saved a damn kitten!”   As the intrigued news anchors got down to business, Silas continued his noble quest to show this fine looking fair maiden around Cantwell.    He didn’t know this Simona girl very well, but he kind of enjoyed her company, but the thing was, he didn’t know anything about her.   That’s it, He thought to himself opening the door for Simona. He could do an article on her, well that is if her stories more interesting than a stupid old cat rescue.   Silas swung his Aztec pattern themed rucksack on his left shoulder before walking to down the hall. “So since we’re going to be ‘besties’, I at least want to get to know you” Nice move.    Silas admired her delicate facial features. She was fabulous, or at least he thought. No way was her hair colour natural, that’s got to be something to put in the article.   “Not really much to tell” She said, fiddling with her fingernails. Silas was disappointed with the girl’s answer, but he wasn’t going to ruin their little friendship now by pressuring her into revealing every single dirty little secret she had into that fabulous little head of hers.  


“There’s not a lot you need to know about the school,” Silas started, leading Simona into a Victorian theme library, “The only thing you need to know is who is who, and I know who is who”   Silas took Simona’s thin arm and started to drag her across the library. He pointed over to a girl reading a Jane Austin novel in the corner of the room. She had long dark hair, that seemed it was always tied in a high pony tail and concentrated chocalate coloured eyes. She seemed enlightened as she lifted each page of the book.   Silas was wondering why she wasn’t reading his newspaper. His writing was so much better then Sense and Sensibility. If he was to say so himself. “That’s Melody. Total outcast so don’t talk to her”   “Why are you showing me her then?” Simona asked, raising one of her eyebrows. Silas rolled his eyes at her. So young, he thought to himself, so clueless! “You’ll find out very soon”   Melody chuckled out loud when reading as the two moved onto another person. “Next stop, Cole” Silas seemed incredibly excited about showing off this Cole guy to Simona. The two rushed over to the table with a guy sat on it, showing off his abs to a bunch of Freshman girls.   “He’s super-hot and-“Silas was interrupted by the boy lifting his top up. “Don’t worry I get this a lot. Feel free and stare” Cole spoke to Simona. Cole winked at the two before moving on.   “He’s such a player and it’ll take a lot more then boobs to crack that egg” Silas said, walking with his head up high being a know-it-all.  


Moving towards the canteen area, a wide open space filled with dark wooden round tables and arch windows, inside grey stone walls, waiting to reveal the cold country area outside.   “Next, Reagan!” Silas said, wishing he could stop and just order a cheeseburger but of course, he couldn’t on the job.   Simona’s eyes wondered away around the dining hall while Silas told her where everybody sat. He then pointed over to a crowded table at the end of the hall. “Reagan is over there” Silas then guided Simona over to a girl with beautiful black hair and perfectly tanned skin with a beauty spit under her left eye, “Mean girl and major minion but has a short temper. You’ll like her soon enough”   Silas moved around the table and pointed over to two boys throwing food at each other. One had a clean cut blonde haie and the other had long black hair which tried to hide the most gorgeous pale blue eyes. “That’s Kyle and that guy over there is… gorgeous!”   The gorgeous guy looked straight at Simona. She knew him, she'd met him earlier. He didn’t smile, he didn’t cringe. He looked mesmerised by Simona’s appearance. That lasted two seconds before Silas took her arm and pointed to a whole new crowd of people.   "Lillian, Joel, Cassidy and Jo" Silas said, noticing that Simona was rudely ignoring him. Then he noticed who she was looking at.   The girl’s hair, beautifully placed around her shoulders, was a beautiful shiny red colour that matched her lips. Her lips were glossy and shaped perfection. Her body was just like a bikini models’. Slim, healthy and fit. Her cat like green eyes seemed familiar to Simona. Where had she seen these eyes before?   “Sorry I forgot his name, didn’t I? Sorry it’s Dylan, and you see high almighty over there, that’s his girlfriend,” Silas continued. He watched the girl with the dark red hair check herself out in her compact mirror, “Her name is Scarlett. Scarlett Cantwell”   "Hey! What are you looking at gay lord!" Scarlett screamed when she saw him pointing over at her.   "What are you looking at bitch" Silas replied, giving her the finger. Scarlett rolled her eyes back at him and carried on talking to Reagan.   Everday. Same time. Same place. Same insults.   Simona tried to think. Where had she heard that name before? Apart from the school of course. Wait, school?. “Mr Cantwell. That’s his daughter” She said out loud.   Silas nodded immediately. “Yep, that's daddy's girl” He answered. There was a moment of silence before he dragged the new girl out of the dining area.   “So, do you want me to show you to your room?” Silas asked her, opening a large wooden door revealing big stone spirling stairs that would lead to the dorms.   Silas was already half way up before he could let the girl answer. Silas rushed up until he was on the top floor. He knew where her dorm would be. The only space left, with the emo. He felt sorry for her.   Simona finally got up the stairs. She then followed Silas down a long corridor with now modern looking dorms. It kind of looked like a sorority up there. Girls in pyjamas having pillow fights and giving each other makeovers inside the dorm rooms.   She heard a song by the Black eyed Peas in one of the rooms. All she wanted to do was join the girls and dance but she knew she couldn’t cause 1) that would be weird and 2) she wasn’t going to embarrass herself on her first day.   “Are you coming or not?” Silas shouted from across the corridor. He stood in the middle of the corridor. The door on the left was wide open. Simona saw girls waving to her happily. Her new roommates seemed nice.   “Guess we’re going to be spending a lot of time together” Simona heard behind herself. She heard Silas chuckle, but why?   Probably since she was about to go into the wrong room. Simona turned around to see a bleach blonde girl with purple and pink dip dye, she had strands of black going through her fringe, she seemed rather scary, which she was, she also like to be in the middle of everything, and sSilas knew this for a fact, her purple hair dye was the same colour of her eyes. She had heavy black makeup on and wore a lot of dark colours and knee length black converse.    “Hi, I’m Morgan” She said. Silas waved to the girls in the other dorm. Simona smiled and shook Morgan’s hands. “Come in then” Morgan said rather rudely as she motioned Simona to follow her.   “I’ll leave you to it then” Silas said to Simona watching her as she walked into her new home. She looked nervous, poor girl.   He walked back down the corridor. He then realised he forgot to question her again. Damn, he thought. She would be an excellent front page story.  


Silas walked back into the meeting room. Peter Ross, one of the top journalists of the school was scribbling in his notepad while everybody was crowded round him. His computer screen was wide open and everyone was pointing at things.   “Hey come look at this?” Verity Granger called to Silas, asking him for assistance.   Silas sighed. “What is going on, why is nobody at work?” He asked in his best stressed and angry boss voice.   He started to read down the page.  


Hey Guys   Just wanted to know I’m fitting in fine. It’s been great since I got here. So much gossip so little time! Who to write about next, hmm? How about Daddy’s girl? You just wait and see what happens and I’ll be the first person you’ll hear it from.   You know you'll learn to love me...

xoxo   Gossip Girl            

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