Scandal (A Cantwell Nover - Book 1)

Guess what Cantwell students? I'm here to spill all the gossip of the last 7 days! Why, cause that's my job, and if you don't like it.
Better embrace the suck.


3. Scarlett


Scarlett Cantwell.   You know I am talking about don’t you? Only the Queen of Cantwell Prep.   She struts about doing whatever she likes really, her hair is blood red and her sparkling eyes are a shimmering shade of green, they are like cats eyes, she can also give the most horrific glares you could imagine, whenever she is unhappy with you, the thought ‘if looks could kill’ would immediately spring to mind.   Right now though Scarlett was in library, yes you heard right. This is a rare occasion, for Scarlett to be seen in the library. Quick, someone grab a camera, this would make a brilliant story for Silas’ newspaper.   Scarlett was talking to a freshman girl, she was young and chirpy which bothered Scarlett quite a lot, but she was trying to be nice as this girl had information she wanted.   The freshman, who was apparently called Lacey, was a major gossip, and Scarlett overheard her talking with her friends about Cole, a fellow sophomore, who was the school player. Apparently him and ‘a Spanish looking girl’ had been spotted kissing. Scarlett only knew one Latino, which people would usually confuse for Spanish, and that was Reagen.   “Um, excuse me, but I couldn’t help over hearing your conversation, are to fill me in?” Scarlett asked sickly sweet. She secretly rolled her eyes as she sat down, she was going to have to try and be polite.   “Oh my gosh... your Scarlett Cantwell!” One of Lacey’s friends squealed. Scarlett couldn’t hold it back this time, and her eye rolling was very obvious. Couldn’t she get a break?   “Why yes, that is me, but again, the story please?” She added the please on at last minute, she thought that the sentence otherwise sounded rather rude.   “Oh well Cole, the player, was seen with a Spanish girl kissing under the north stairwell yesterday!” Lacey said excitedly. She was like a leech, feeding off rumours. Sometimes untrue, but Scarlett knew this one was. God, why was Reagen so stupid.   “Well thanks, oh and by the way, the girl is Latino not Spanish, and her names Reagen” Scarlett’s red lips curved into a smirk, that should give them some fun, let them be the first to have the gossip for once. Scarlett also hoped that by speaking to them she had made their day, maybe even their week. Hell, who was she kidding? She probably made their whole term! She was in fact Scarlett Cantwell.   “Hey! Tweedle dumb and tweedle dumber! Get over here were leaving!” Scarlett called over her shoulder to Katy and Elizabeth. They were twins, and were both as stupid as each other. They came scurrying over, causing Scarlett to sigh, why was everyone but her and the nerd such idiots?   As they made their way down the corridor they caught sight of Silas and that girl from earlier, the one who had been talking to Scarlett’s incredible boyfriend, Dylan.   Towards the end of last year Scarlett’s popularity was falling, some Senior was trying to take it away from her, but Scarlett scored the fittest guy on the football team and well... let’s just say the senior was dealt with, permanently. No she wasn’t dead, Scarlett had just ruined her school life so much that last that Scarlett heard she was living in Australia.   Scarlett’s beautifully handmade stilettos clicked against the dark wooden floor boards every time she stepped. Finally her and the dumb twins stalked into the dining area, there Reagen was sitting casually on the popular table, living off of the attention, as per usual. That bitch. That was Scarlett’s job.   You see, Scarlett and Reagen have had a ‘friendly’ rivalry since they were about five. When Reagen got a bouncy castle, Scarlett got a 12 ft trampoline. When they were 9 and Reagen got an amazing park set in her back garden with swings and slides galore, Scarlett forced her daddy into buying her a theme park. Both families were filthy rich, but the Cantwell’s had slightly more. Also, Scarlett pretty much dictated  to her father, and she got whatever she wanted, where as Reagen got what she deserved when she deserved it. But it all kicked off much more heated when they went to Cantwell, Reagen was on Scarlett’s territory, and Scarlett was set on having things her way. Most people preferred Reagen though; she had been brought up better.   Once Scarlett had spotted Reagen, she was at the popular table like a flash. Reagen was talking about Scarlett, making her even angrier. She stalked up to her and looked her dead on in her Latino eyes, gorgeous dark brown with hints of emerald green around the rim.   “You whore! Why would you do that all for attention?” Scarlett spat. Reagen looked shocked.   “What the hell are you on about?!” Reagen looked lost. Scarlett faltered, maybe it wasn’t her, but this didn’t mean she was backing down.   “Cole you idiot! We made a promise remember? Nobody stoops that low!” You see, when they were sophomores Scarlett and Cole dated. It was a huge thing since Scarlett was cheated on him badly, with pretty much everybody Scarlett hated. It was a massive thing, so Reagen and Scarlett made a promise to never go back down that road; I guess they were friends underneath all the rivalries.   “I promise you! It wasn’t me! I would never do that to you!” Reagen pleaded. Scarlett sighed and sat next to Reagen at the popular table.   “Sorry” Scarlett mumbled.               “It’s alright” Reagen smiled, fake, but Scarlett wasn’t to know that now was she.   Scarlett happily took a seat next to Reagan, saying hello to all of her ‘friends’ that she preferred to call ‘royal subjects...’   “Hey Cass, Lillian, Joe, Alex, Joel and Kyle!” Scarlett smiled at some of the only people she actually liked in this school, her friends. Confusing isn’t it? The bitch has friends? Shock horror people! Well yes she has friends, most of them were kiss ups but some of them were kind to her because they liked her. No matter what though, even they admitted she was a major bitch...   Scarlett heard a bunch of hellos, heys, his and hiyas before her attention was re-directed towards her compact mirror. She was checking herself out for a while and my god, she looked fabulous as ever!       “Hey Scarlett! Look at Silas, who’s that girl?” Lillian said, she was nice, sweet girl, used to be a nerd, but now she isn’t, she isn’t extremely important to this story though, so you’re not getting the full background explanation.   Scarlett turned her head towards the well dressed boy and Cantwell’s own journalist, who was standing at the entrance of the dining hall, on his arm was a girl who Scarlett recognised from earlier, she had been talking to Dylan, her boyfriend... as in HER boyfriend. Scarlett immediately took a disliking to whoever this girl was. She was pretty, yes, but she wasn’t anything compared to herself, in Scarlett’s mind. Scarlett quickly inspected her dark brown hair, which had luxurious natural highlights, and her gorgeous eyes along with her petite  but nicely shaped figure, Scarlett felt something, a feeling she had grown to hate more than any other... was that jealousy?   As the new girl and Silas headed around the hall she soon realised that it was in fact jealousy, and it flared when Dylan began smiling at her. Silas quickly directed her attention towards her and Scarlett was happy he had obviously made her and Dylan’s relationship known to her.   Scarlett quickly busied herself with looking into her compact mirror as Silas was obviously explaining her celebrity status to her.   She quickly grew annoyed since the stupid camp queen had been staring for much to long.   She raised her eyes to stare pointedly at him. Just then he pointed his hand towards her, realising Scarlett was staring at him, he looked a little shocked.   “What are you staring at GAY LORD?” She shouts loudly over the dining hall to Silas, causing for people to look her way and stare.   “What are you staring at BITCH?” He shouted back, just as loudly. Scarlett just galred at Silas and Simona's backs as they strutted out of the dining hall like they owned the god damn place.    ermm... NEWS FLASH... She did...   She sighed as she turned to her friends who had returned to normal chatter about boys and what not. Scarlett contibuted to a few conversations before getting bored.   Scarlett had been really tired lately, it was as  if people didn't realise how hard being the most popular girl in the whole school actually is! She had a reputation to keep, and also some respect she had to constantly earn.   Scarlett got really annoyed when people underestimated her, telling her she was just a spoilt bitch, that she did nothing for herself, all because she was was queen b, nobody understood fully how much she had had to do to earn her title.   She had to attend every club she could, and be friends with everybody relatively pretty or handsome and also had to keep all of her followers and adders updated with her socialite life online, being queen wasn't a piece of cake.   Just then a desperate looking freshman ran up to their table. Her hair was bleached an unnatural blonde and her lips seemed to be stained a permanent bright illuminous pink colour. She wore small heeks, no match for Scarlett's stilletos, another thing she had to do, keep up with the latest fashion trends, and DAMN she did it GOOD.   "Ermm... I was a... well I w-was wondering if m-m-maybe you-you wouldn't mind, m-m-maybe coming to this party I am having?" The young wannabe made Scarlett smile, 
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